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Boys Noize threw an illegal street rave in Berlin last night

The German hid in a truck that coupled up as a DJ platform

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 9 July 2015

Boys Noize is one of Germany's most prolific electronic artists and last night he stuck two fingers up to the law in a pretty impressive way.

The electro and techno flag-bearer threw an illegal rave on the side of the road in Berlin. Yes, he set up shop on a pavement and laid down some fiery beats for the general public.

He tweeted to say he would be playing some 'dirty tunes' till the police came and later he posted a picture of him ready to laid down said beats (above).

The party looked like it was in full swing until the police came and shut it down although Boysnoize Records comrade Housemeister got a pretty good video of the madness before it came to and end.

Although it wasn't quite the rave we'd hoped for, we still commend Alex Ridha for having the balls and vision to host a rave on a sidewalk. Big up.

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