13 November 2012
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Norman Nodge
Berghain 06 (Ostgut Ton)

Norman Nodge has been a monthly fixture at Berghain for the past seven years. Following on from such staples as Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock is no easy feat, and Nodge, who quite possibly has the best name in techno, delivers a sterling effort. Trading his wares on the main Berghain floor, a Nodge DJ set will deliver most strands of techno with a gentle helping of house – but that isn’t the template he goes for here. It kicks off with the ambient soundscape of Brids Two Cage’s ‘Gase’, after which the organic slightly broken drum sounds of Oni Ayhun are weaved in. As the mix progresses we’re treated to tracks from Jeff Mills and Radioactive Man, proof of a well rounded Berlin DJ. It’s refreshing to see Nodge, a practising lawyer, opting to showcase his own productions and comprehensive selection skills alongside his technical mixing ability, which is what the mix CD should be all about. 9/10
Download here

Factory Floor (pictured above)
Two Different Ways (Perc remix) (DFA)

Arguably the best live band in the world right now, London’s Factory Floor are due to drop their debut LP on DFA early next year. This remix selection takes things up a notch in the techno stakes. The Perc remix is our pick: the key figure in British techno rearranges the original’s already dancefloor-worthy analogue sequences to devastating effect, creating industrial sounds, big, rolling basslines and clattering high hats suitable for peak hours. 9/10
Download here

Distane (Mote evolver)

Madrid’s Manuel Años is a rising star of the Spanish techno scene, though as yet he has few releases to his name. Going by the name of Psyk, he delivers a delicious EP of classy techno joints for Mote Evolver. It’s all about super-deep sub-bass designed for only the very best of soundsystems, blended with a myriad of industrial sounds. 9/10
Download here

Merveille & Crosson
DRM Pt 2 (Visionquest)

Following on from their loopy techno exploration ‘DRM Part 1’ last year on Visionquest, Oscar Merveille is back with VQ main-man Ryan Crosson for three shades of meandering beats. ‘Again And Again’ features Wolf + Lamb artist Greg Paulus who infuses the opener with trumpet sounds that slide over the some chunky, warm, 4/4 basslines. As with their previous release, B-sides ‘At The Seams’ and ‘Pending’ delve into more experimental territory. We’ve heard a full EP is next for
this interesting pairing. Exciting. 9/10
Download here

Slowburn (SCI+TEC)

He must have been locked away in his studio quite a bit as Dubfire has knocked out two EPs on his own SCI+TEC imprint recently, following a quiet spell of around three years; perhaps the former Deep Dish member has uncovered a new seam of inspiration. First up is ‘Slowburn’, which lives up to its name by meandering along giving extra bites of groove along the way and building to an exciting climax. On the flip, upcoming label member Bryan Brack gives Dubfire’s classic ‘Rabid’ an up-to-date, minimal rehash. 8/10
Download here

Black Acid (Electric Deluxe)

Bryan Black aka Blackasteriod gives his Electric Deluxe debut some serious impact with a solid set of four workable dancefloor tools. It kicks off with the title track, a relentless distorted stomper, then there are two slightly more understated B-side tracks which would fit nicely in any warm-up set. Finishing off proceedings is ‘Lunar Landing’ which sounds a bit like an underground techno club version of ‘Doom’s Night’, the classic by Azzido Da Bass, which is no bad thing. 7/10
Download here

Basic Soul Unit & Eddie Niguel
The First Shift (Midnight Shift)

Midnight Shift’s latest offering is a split 12” of Basic Soul Unit and Singaporean Eddie Niguel who each offer a pair of tracks. Basic Soul Unit’s opener drags out some gnarly acidic rhythms which lean heavily on the analogue side of the studio, while ‘Late Night Shift’ is one for the after-hours. His second, ‘Black Ice’, combines jacking drum patterns with atmospheric keys and occasional arpeggios. Eddie Niguel’s two tracks provide house-laden enjoyment. 7/10
Download here

Tom Demac
Critical Distance Pt 2 (Hypercolour)

Already receiving strong support across the spectrum is this banger from Hypercolour staple Tom Demac. Notably, Seth Troxler shook the Pagoda Stage at Secret Garden Party with it earlier this year. ‘Critical Distance Pt 2’ layers up tastefully disturbing vocals with a memorable, driving, distorted sound that really gives the track character. On the B-side it’s worth checking out the drum ’n’ bass-inspired techno of Hrdvsion’s rework. 9/10
Download here

DRGN (Hotflush)

Fresh from remixing Hotflush label boss Scuba for his recent single ‘The Hope’, Recondite is back with a 12” of original material. First up is ‘DRGN’, an industrial stomper that wouldn’t seem out of place on the Berghain dancefloor at peak time, with deeply rooted, whirring bass and eerie synth notes. Recondite goes for a more atmospheric vibe on B-side ‘Wist 365’ with a superbly moody bassline. 8/10
Download here

Gary Beck
Before The Crash (Soma)

The prestigious, Slam-owned label Soma precedes prolific producer Gary Beck’s debut album with this two-tracker. ‘Before The Crash’ is a whirring, pumping number with almost anthemic keys and classic vocal samples. On the reverse is the clattering techno of ‘Hopkin’, a much more distorted affair for the harder-edged crowd. 7/10
Download here

Just Be
Annabelle (Crosstown Rebels)

London rave veteran Bushwacka!’s new project Just Be has become quite prolific in its short history, with releases on a slew of credible imprints. This time, Damian Lazarus has enlisted the Brit as Crosstown Rebels steers into techier than usual territory. Lead track ‘Annabelle’ is a sleazy techno outing with repetitive vocals layered over by different vocalists with tasteful results. Add to this its general moody vibe and you’ve got another Crosstown Rebels hit. 8/10
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