01 February 2013
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Plump DJs
Dirty Weekend (Grand Hotel Records)
Renouncing the breaks genre that made their name, Plump DJs have firmly invested their efforts into crafting a truly hard-hitting electro mix. The start could be confused by anyone over 50 for binary code. Their remix of Mark Ronson’s ‘Record Collection’ is a surprisingly elegant yet fierce track, but that is quickly rectified when the frankly silly ‘Hump Rock’ barges its way in. The mix LP can be a bit tough to manage at times, but the inclusion of understated glitches and beeps on top of a simple 4/4 beat here provide its crowning moments. A confused yet enjoyable compilation.
Download here

Fake Blood (pictured above)
All In The Blink (Different)
After releasing his debut album ‘Cells’ last year, Fake Blood has chosen ‘All In The Blink’ as his first single of 2013. The stand-out track from the album, it strays from the typical angry, flatulent horns that have often characterised his sound. This boppy, disco affair has a nice array of pianos and cowbells that might be something your Gran would enjoy. Just don’t get ahead of yourself and play her ‘Mars’.
Download here

Kris Menace feat Black Hills
Waiting For You (Compuphonic)
Opening with a synth as catchy as a wicket keeper and a kick drum that smashes you for six, ‘Waiting For You’ pretty much covers every base. The soothing vocals and euphoric chords guide you through the track as if you were floating on an electro-fuelled cloud. Taken from Kris Menace’s ‘Features’ album, this track is the epitome of what the producer is all about, and is an instant dose of euphoria.
Download here

Little Freaky Things
Nightfall (11 Heads)
This is like a slap in the face with a wet fish, although the wet fish is replaced by a joy inducing electro-smasher. The track starts off with a filtered-out disco riff until the drop comes and gives you the beats you need to get your groove on. Think Justice mixed with some creamy female vocals that when set against the hectic backdrop of the song, sounds like someone whispering an explosion in your ear.
Download here

Dance Like Machines (Bromance Records)
Bromance boss-dog Brodinski isn’t afraid of releasing a dark synthy monster and his latest offering ‘Dance Like Machines’ is exactly that. The ominous- sounding synths and pounding drums do in fact make you dance like a machine – a machine that’s intent on world domination through the act of heavy fist-pumping. When filing this track in your collection make sure it goes under ‘Bass Heavy Big Boy’.
Download here

Earthy Girls (Acid Bath Records)
Taken from the upcoming ‘Intergalactic Republic of Kongo’ album, ‘Earthy Girls’ is every bit as ridiculous as the title for the LP. The track’s shouty and abrasive opening vocals are accompanied by a mish-mash of drums that wouldn’t sound out of place in a playgroup music class. The atmospheric breakdown midway through the song redeems it slightly, but the main drop is a jumbled mix of horns, synths and all-out anarchy – but not as good as that sounds.
Download here

Zombie Nation
RGB Remixes (Turbo Recordings)
Thought Zombie Nation’s suitably raucous ‘RGB’ LP couldn’t get more ear-splitting? Well it has, in the form of a quite stressful remix EP. Popof’s tech-house rework of ‘Momplays’ gets your head nodding nicely, until Modek kicks the door down and pummels you with his version of ‘Pony’. Throw in remixes from JoeFarr and J Tijn and you’ve got yourself an EP so filthy you’ll need to wash your ears in bleach afterwards.
Download here

It Rough 2013 (Relish Recordings)
Originally released in 2003, Headman’s ‘It Rough’ has been given the defibrillator treatment and brought back to life for 2013. The four-track EP reprises the original hit and offers up some cheeky remixes. The best of the bunch is the Remain remix, which strips everything back and concentrates on the infectious bassline that dominates the original
track. We defy you not to strut your stuff for the entire 7m 57s duration.
Download here

Stomp BRM Electro
Imagine a song as aggressive and destructive as a runway steam train. Sounds good, although in the case of ‘Stomp’, this train will eventually crash and harm a large amount of innocent people. The EDM track thrashes its way through fidgety keyboard riffs before switching tempo and providing a Tyson-like knockout. The only problem is, you’re the opponent – and you may be left with a mild concussion.
Download here

Break Away Kicks (La Valigetta)
Timo Juuti and Hector 87 are Finnish duo TJH87, and their track ‘Break Away Kicks’ is nothing less than a full-on electrogasm. The song sounds like a Daft Punk track on steroids, and with cut-up vocals and a positively pummelling drum beat drive you’ll be tittering on the edge of meltdown. Guaranteed to raise your heart rate and get your palms sweating.
Download here

Mumbai Science
Impact EP (Lektroluv)
Mumbai Science are no strangers to heavy-hitting dancefloor fillers, and their latest EP is a no-holds-barred bass-face extravaganza. Dark and dingy by nature, ‘Impact’ would be the perfect soundtrack to the most terrifying of horror films. If you want a breather between tracks we’re afraid you’re out of luck as the John Roman and Advent & Industrialyzer remixes will only send you deeper into the abyss.
Download here

Mister Lies
Align (Lefse)
‘Align’ is much like a rollercoaster: you have the pleasant yet slighty nervy build up and then once you get to the top, it drops and a wave of euphoria and adrenaline takes over. The aggressive synth line is accompanied by ambient echoes that gracefully whir past in the background, making this the sort of ride you don’t mind queuing up for again and again.
Download here

Just Regular Guys
What We Do (GND Records)
The lead track from Just Regular Guys’ new EP should be renamed ‘Just A Regular Track’. The song does little to inspire the listener and consists of the same deep synth riff throughout. It’s as monotonous as a 12-hour David Starkey marathon with no ad breaks and the introduction of a clap into the song does little to save it from its humdrum state.
Download here




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