ELECTRO: AUGUST By Jeremy Abbott

05 August 2013
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Sound Pellegrino
SND.PE Vol.1 (Sound Pellegrino)

Sound Pellegrino has been active since 2009 and in its four year stint it’s churned out some seriously strong, forward-thinking music. Run by Teki Latex and Orgasmic, the label has been home to the likes of Para One, Surkin and Gucci Vump. From the word go, ‘SND.PE’ dazzles with every beat. Matthias Zimmermann & SCNTST turn cosmic and space age with their floater ‘Rick’, while ‘Bump’ by K-Lagane goes all industrial with a heavy house roller. One of the stand-outs is Canblaster’s excellent rework of ‘I Want You Back’ by Surkin & Todd Edwards. There’s also the downright filthy ‘Negativity’ by Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, plus tracks by Eero Johannes, TWR72 and Jerome LOL. A fantastic compilation from one of Paris’s most eclectic labels.
Download here

Gesaffelstein (pictured)
Pursuit (EMI France/ Parlophone)

What was thought to be a DAF edit turns out to be the first single from the Gesaffelstein album. ‘Pursuit’ is a thrashing behemoth. Deadly by nature, the kick drum smashes its way through the song and the drop is like a backhand to the face. Best experienced with the powerful and out there video, expect fierce chords and a stabbing bassline. This is now the start of a world domination attempt by the Frenchman; when it happens, remember you heard it here first.
Download here

Higher EP (Boys Noize)

Gary Richards, aka Destructo, owns and runs Hard Festival. He’s also a big-in-the-game producer and DJ, so it comes as no surprise that his ‘Higher’ EP is as strong as his empire. The title track has a venomous bass wobble running through it until you hit the glitzy piano breakdown. Remixes come from Brodinski, who naturally works his French magic by giving it a rumbling techno makeover, and Tommy Trash, who goes down a more abrasive, noisier route. ‘2112’ has a more bouncy feel but is a banger nonetheless. One hard EP.
Download here

In Flagranti
Headrush EP (Phantasy)

The best record labels tailor their releases to the sound that defines them. The latest release on Phantasy by In Flagranti perfectly sums up the imprint’s sound. The four- track release is laden with chunky bass grooves and fidgety riffs that scream out to be dropped in an Erol Alkan set. ‘Headrush’ is a slow roller and uses synths that would fit into a slowed-down, funkier Scuba track. The playful bongos and chugging basslines in ‘Locker Keys For Tops’ make for a very danceable track. The standout tracks come in the form of ‘Toiletries For Bottoms’ and ‘Dope As Shit’. The latter uses cheeky bass stabs, feather-light hi-hats and sliced up vocals to make a track that plays up to its title.
Download here

Boys Noize
Go Hard EP (Boys Noize)

A now regular installment on the electro page, Boys Noize is one of the most celebrated artists in electro – so when he releases new material it’s a sure-fire bet that a) it’s going to be good and b) it’s going to be banging. The five-track ‘Go Hard’ EP explores the producer’s different sounds with techno, rave, disco, breakbeat and trap all getting a nod. ‘Excuse Me’ and ‘Inhale/Exhale’ are outright thunderous destroyers. Both could be deployed at peak time to cause catastrophic mosh-pits. ‘Starwin’ runs in the other direction and opts for a joyous disco house feel. When this was dropped at XOYO by the man himself last month you were hard pushed to find anyone not grinning ear to ear. Trap and half-time melodies your thing? Then ‘Go Hard’ and ‘Push Em Up’ will have
you skanking and assuming a gangster lean in no time.
Download here

Tommy Trash
Monkey In Love (Size)

Australian EDMster Tommy Trash is a fan of outrageous and raucous car-crash dance music. ‘Monkey In Love’ falls into that category and unfortunately it’s not a good thing. It’s what you’d expect from Trash and the imprint it’s being released on, Steve Angello’s Size Records. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across any of the big-name cheeseballs this summer then you’ll probalby hear this. Cheap and tacky synth builds roll into a brash and over-the-top main section. If you’re a fan of mediocre and chart-obsessed EDM then you’ll love this – but if you’re not, avoid it like the plague.
Download here

Sam Tiba
The Saddest Show In Town EP (Pelican Fly)

Sam Tiba is probably best known for his work in Club Cheval, but all of the four-piece are hugely talented producers in their own right – as they’ve been demonstrating recently. Tiba’s latest solo EP is out on the hotly tipped Pelican Fly and this 11th release further adds to the hype. ‘U Lookin For A Title And All U Think About Is That Other Person So U Name It Me & Her’ may have a very wordy title but its mellow vibe and sumptuous piano chords justify its length. ‘My Eldorado’ is just as downtempo but uses crashing and fizzing bass notes with a Bon Iver-esque vocal on top. For ‘Things Life’ he enlists Cheval pal Canblaster for a melancholy, soothing track that makes you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. Stunning.
Download here

Busy P
Still Busy EP (Ed Banger)

The daddy, the boss-dog, the big chief. Of course we’re talking about the Ed Banger main-man Busy P, and fresh from releasing Ed Rec Vol X he’s brought out the first EP from the comp. We described ‘Still Busy’ as an industrial sidewinder two months ago and now there’s a slick set of remixes to go with this stormer. Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay turns in a pretty out-there rework of the track, while Maelstrom follows his winning formula with a dark and escalating synths. There’s also another new track in the form of ‘This Song’ and this just oozes groove and even features some cheeky Nile Rodgers-style guitar licks. Ten years in the game and still getting started.
Download here

Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont feat Malin
Safe With You (Dub mix) (Ministry Of Sound)

Whatever Stuart Price touches usually turns to gold, and with Alex Metric on a strong run of form recently this is one collab that should get you excited. ‘Safe With You’ is a club-ready behemoth that will doubtless do the rounds this summer. Malin’s sultry vocals are layered on top of an infectious laser like synth riff until the euphoric breakdown rears its head. So many producers go down the corny and predictable route when trying to create an uplifting build, but Metric and Lu Cont don’t fall at that hurdle, instead crafting a feel-good summer anthem that still packs serious heat.
Download here




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