26 April 2013
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Fainting By Numbers (pictured)
A Stone In The Ground (Moshi Moshi)

Justus Köhncke’s beat on ‘Stone In The Ground’ is sprinkled with the same kitsch genius as Fern Kinney’s 1979 ‘Together We 
Are Beautiful’ (and so we justify it being on the disco page). It’s rudimentary electro snare and cheeky bassline are a lesson in simplicity, and when Alexis’ voice enters we immediately remember everything that made us fall in love with Hot Chip. Musically it’s remenicient of Ben E King’s ‘Stand By Me’, and coincidentally it will leave you with the same happy-sad sentiment as when 
you learn that a young River Phoenix dies from a bar stabbing in the film of the same name.

Prins Thomas
Italia Uno EP (Hell Yeah)

Rusty’s ‘Everything’s Gonna Change’ was a big fave with the ‘Son Of God’ – a title we gave Sasha when he adorned our cover. You can imagine the euphoria back then, when the upliftiing chords and ‘proper’ house vocal (in a Phase II Reachin’ style) hit the dancefloor and the serotonin from the pills (that were so much better back then, etc etc) flooded their little brains. We’re a little more reserved these days, so while Prins keeps the euphoria he strips back the ravey horns. ‘Paradiso’ is a great synth-into-acid DJ tool that’s perfect for starting your sets. Solid package.

Richard Seaborne
The Reasons Why? (Paper)

When you get dumped, the first question is “Why?” Miz Agata, vocalist on this tune, doesn’t hold back: ‘Your car’s too old, your mum’s a bitch and your music’s shit.” But if this is Richard Seaborne’s ex talking then she’s a liar, as the tune’s banging thanks to a thunderous kick and bassline. The rest of it is looped timpales and jazz carnival chords: simple and effective. Miz has a great voice, but if you can’t be bothered listening to the spoken whinge Paper has included an instrumental. Sadly it doesn’t include the sung chorus, so it may be worth making your own edit of the two versions.
Download here

Cosmic Kids
Whisper Softly (Let’s Play House)

There’s ‘Just A Touch Of’ Slave in this enjoyable 100bpm boogie number. A subtle reverbed female vocal, warm, fuzzy 80s synth riff and a some nice filtering ensure this will provide the soundtrack to the one barbecue you get round to organising this summer. Worth organising though, if only so you can play this to the guests.

Teena Marie
Behind The Groove (John Morlaes M+M Lost Groove) (Womack Reworks)

Patrick Cowley, Donna Summer and Jacques Morali have all recieved tributes organised by disco lover Greg Womack, and his most recent work marked Teena Marie’s birthday on March 5 by releasing a double CD remix package of Lady Tee’s work. Morales slaps his signature style on arguably Teena’s best loved classic, ‘Behind The Groove’, keeping the bassline but upping the swing. Elsewhere, Lee Cadena pulls in a nice remix of ‘Just Us Too’. The entire package is enjoyable because it’s evident it’s made with pure love.

Spread Love (Super Trooper)

The Cosmonauts are now separated, and this Paul’s first solo outing since the split. ‘Spread Love’ isn’t a cover of Al Hudson but the sort of mid-tempo nu-disco groover you’d find on Needwant. A heavily filtered and effected male vocal sings about spreading love across the world, but fear not, it doesn’t come across as cheesy. Instead the tune has elements of the 80s sound that The Cosmonauts were known for and good ol’ Paulie’s also thrown in a few disco pows for good measure. The follow up ‘Want You’ is out mid-
June. Check it.




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