18 October 2012
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Rebel Sonix vs Geek Boy & Whiskey Pete
Get On It (Keith MacKenzie remix) (Illeven:Eleven Records)

Chicago-based label owner and Keith MacKenzie comes up with the goods again, taking things up a notch on this remix with a bass-heavy blend of Baltimore and 4/4 beats. The main section has boundless energy that’s perfectly pitched between anthemic breakdowns. “Get on the dancefloor” go the lyrics... and that’s an order!
Download here

El Bomba & Hidden Riddim
Dr Fluteski (Booty Fruit Records)

Riddim Fruit’s sister label Booty Fruit allows Devonshire’s Hidden Riddim to put out the more sample-based music currently tearing up the download charts. As the title suggests, flute-flavoured riffs are layered over funk-ridden basslines here. For you turntablists, this is crying out for some acapella action over the top.
Download here

Under This Kick
The Nation (iBreaks)

The iBreaks record label has released some absolute blinders over the years, but sadly this isn’t one of them. The different elements in this song sound great, but it’s let down by an overpowering lead synth that sounds out of place and out of date. Some nice ideas, but disappointing overall.
Download here

On My Own (Andy Taylor remix) (Wass)
Wass Records is the latest project from Wack Records’ head honcho, Smoove. A fantastic first release sees Andy Taylor remix Daytoner’s ‘On My Own’, fusing together jazzy, funky breaks with samples from classic Latin favourite ‘Oye Como Va’. Andy Taylor’s new album, ‘El Pantano’, is due out this winter.
Download here

Mooqee & Pimpsoul
To The Beat (Bombstrikes Records)

Bombstrikes manager Mooqee and long-term label favourite Pimpsoul head in a moombah direction while still tipping their hats to the funky, party sound they’re so well known for. It’s great to see a label experiment with different genres, and by the sounds of things, they have this one nailed too.
Download here

Alessandro Otiz
Midnight Grooves (Timewarp Records) 

The summer is well and truly over, but for those of you still pining for that warm feeling, this is the perfect reminder. With its smooth, seductive vocals and warm, disco-infused basslines, you wouldn’t expect this artist to have a background in electro and techno. A great track from the Greek producer.
Download here

TiKay One
Sheah (Techno Changed My Life)

There’s all manor of different sounds in here: slap-bass guitars, vocodered vocals, organ breakdowns and even some scratching. You wouldn’t expect this to work, but it does, and very well too. What really stands out is its epic, chopped-up electro bassline. Exceptional production skills here on TiKay One’s rare solo release.
Download here

Access Denied & Gordy
Watch Your Step (Breaks version) (Royal One Records)

Russia’s Access Denied, aka Andrey Kulik, teams up with Gordy to deliver deep breakdowns, stompy drums and huge slabs of dubstep-style basslines. Both artists have a background in producing electro, and that influence really shines through here. We look forward to hearing more from this duo in the future.
Download here

Machines Don’t Care
Beat Dun Drop (Madhava remix) Deconstruction / Columbia

After the sterling Stanton Warriors remix reviewed earlier this year, Madhava come back with an equally standout remix, but this time on a chilled, reggae vibe. You wouldn’t expect this track to work when slowed down so much, but the vocal is utilised to perfection and fits this laid-back breaks vibe perfectly. 9/10
Download here




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