SOUL CLAP By James Lawrence

14 May 2012
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Whereas public interest pretty much died overnight for The Darkness, Brooklyn’s Beastie Boys are one of the few acts who came to fruition playing the jokers in the pack but who then stood the test of time. In a much less extreme vein – and now clearly having the last laugh by moving to Miami – Soul Clap have come to notoriety with a similar tongue-in-cheek swag and swagger.

However, the comparison doesn’t just end there, because much like the iconic trio, behind the screwball bravado there’s a slick musical operation in effect. Following a volley of singles and comps dating back to ’08, Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein finally deliver their debut album. Largely comprised of Rr’n’b-licked slow jams, ‘EFunk’ features a host of the Boston-hailing duo’s East Coast pals, including Wolf + Lamb co-founder Gadi Mizrahi, Jules Born from Voices Of Black and No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus. Elsewhere, Mel Blatt of All Saints fame lays vocals over a hammy cover of the early-90s rave anthem ‘Need Your Lovin’, with Egyptian Lover’s electro classic from ’86, ‘The Alezby Inn’ also getting a smart re-work.

And while you could argue that Soul Clap have made better tracks than the 13 on offer here, there’s no doubt that ‘EFUNK’ is an enjoyable party album filled with jovial invention and several major tricks up its sleeve.

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Download ‘The Alezby Inn’, ‘Islands In Space Part 2’
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