SHED By Seb Wheeler

14 August 2012
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Two bass tones boom out at the start of ‘The Killer’, accompanied by a robo-voice that challenges: “If you do not hear this, or that, you will not feel it”. It’s a statement of intent from Shed, who starts his third LP mercilessly. ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘I Come By Night’ are huge slabs of techno, kick-drums like chunks of rubble and unearthly sound effects solidifying in the space between beats. The result is skull-crushing, claustrophobic and wonderful. But shimmering through it all are slivers of silk that tie together his gritty 4/4. As the album progresses, melodies become more overt and start to rush around. Hooks run rampant, as on ‘VIOMF!/The Filler’, a two-step bomb slathered in mad funfair synths. If you’re packing quality audio equipment you’ll feel this one for sure.

File under Subterranean techno
Download ‘I Come By Night’, ‘Phototype’, ‘VIOMF!/The Filler’
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