POLICA By Stephen Worthy

25 April 2012
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Formed out of Minneapolis’ Gayngs collective – who count Kanye West and local legend Prince as fans – Poliça are vocalist Channy Leanagh and producer Ryan Olson, who make ethereal, r’n’b-tinged electro-pop. Their most notable feature is Leanagh’s autotuned voice. Sounds horrendous? For the most part, it adds to the slightly eerie mood Poliça create, though it works best on the LP’s more plaintive moments, like the echo-laden vocals and twinkling keys of ‘Happy Be Fine’. On ‘Dark Star’, 80s-style brass stabs collide with head-nodding beats, intricate percussion and uplifting lyrics. In contrast, the awkward digital skank of ‘Form’ is a rare blip. Love School Of Seven Bells and The XX? You’ll like this.
File under Electro/r’n’b hybrid
Download ‘Dark Star’, ‘I See My Mother’, ‘Happy Be Fine’
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