MOUNT KIMBIE By James Lawrence

21 May 2013
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In June last year, Kai Campos and Dominic Maker left Hotflush and signed to the wider reaching Warp to start work on the successor to their much-lauded debut album. Recorded in their South London studio, ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ finds the duo placing emphasis upon live instrumentation and laying down their own vocals. The undercooked shuffle and reflective verses of the opener immediately display this pursuit of a more comprehensive sound, before the first of two stirring collaborations with 19-year-old King Krule adds a poetic dynamic.

At the midway point, the hymn-like crescendo closing ‘Made To Stray’ acts as the album’s defining moment, with the rambling acoustic riffs of ‘So Many Times, So Many Ways’, after it, further reinforcing a coming-of-age feel. ‘Break Well’ and ‘Lie Near’ bear comparison to the IDM that Warp pioneered back in the mid 90s, while ‘Slow’ is the only track that’s closely aligned with the duo’s early output. On a less positive note, the equally dour ‘Blood And Form’ and ‘Sullen Ground’ further fracture a disjointed running order, but on the whole, ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ is a cerebral and arresting follow-up forged in harmonious invention.

File under Understated electronica
Download ‘Made To Stray’, ‘Break Well’, ‘Meter, Pale, Tone’
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