LIGHT ASYLUM By Stephen Worthy

11 July 2012
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Driving, mechanical electronic rhythms underpin Light Asylum’s music. But more than the music, there’s Shannon Funchess. The Brooklyn duo’s frontwoman has a fierce, deep-throated vocal delivery that makes Grace Jones look like Dido. It perfectly compliments Bruno Coviello’s punkish electronica, which mixes lesser-known 80s genres coldwave and Belgian new beat with New Order, industrial and even electroclash. It’s best showcased by the coruscating robot techno of ‘Pope Will Roll’ with its raw intensity. There’s subtlety too, notably on the epic ‘Angel Tongues’, a gentle electro love song with hints of classic Brit synthers like Yazoo. Funchess’ extraordinary voice will get much attention, but this is the full package.

File under 80s-leaning synth-dance
Download ‘Pope Will Roll’, ‘Sins Of The Flesh’, ‘Angel Tongues’
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