JON HOPKINS By Stephen Worthy

05 June 2013
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In 2004, after two underappreciated LPs, Jon Hopkins probably wondered if his career would ever happen. Fast-forward to today, and could things have gone any better for this unassuming innovator?

He’s worked with ambient legend Brian Eno, the heart-stoppingly gorgeous ‘Diamond Mine’, with Scottish folker King Creosote, got a Mercury nod, he’s written award winning film scores, and now, ‘Immunity’ is an album of organic techno and exquisite mini-symphonies.

The title track, with King Creosote, is all slo-mo piano and atmospheric sound collages, but it’s the harder stuff that really bites. ‘Open Eye Signal’ is a jerky, hyper-speed tech march, but it’s ‘Collider’s growling, distorted assault that really knocks you flat. Bold, brilliant and beautiful.

File under Coruscating techno and dazzling ambience gently collide
Download ‘Open Eye Signal’, ‘Collider’
Like this? Try King Creosote & Jon Hopkins ‘Diamond Mine’ (Domino)




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