JOHN GRANT By Stephen Worthy

07 March 2013
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John Grant is best known for his emotionally raw, adult FM pop, but here he lets his love of electronica blossom into a record referencing 80s Brit synth pop, coldwave, the Moog and modern talent like Trentemøller. Made in Iceland with Gus Gus’s Biggi Veira, the opening salvo is a double hit of growling, dark electro-pop; the title track rumbles with foreboding, while ‘Blackbelt’ is a squelchy, thrusting bass missile. On the Numanoid pop-meets-LCD-style 80s revivalism of ‘Sensitive New Age Guy’, Grant even gets a case of the James Murphys. The lyrics are more embittered than ever: “I’m the greatest motherfucker that you’re ever gonna meet!” he opines on ‘GMF’. He’s made a motherfucking exciting record, that’s for sure.

File under: Gritty paean to 80s electronica
Download: ‘Pale Green Ghosts’, ‘Blackbelt’, ‘Sensitive New Age Guy’
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