FOALS By Thomas H Green

28 December 2012
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Foals are a curious proposition. On the one hand, when they first appeared the Oxford five-piece showed techno leanings, and their live sets still boast hypnotic dance jams. On the other, they have much in common with guitar-centric indie of the Bloc Party sort. Their third album seems, on first listen, to be pursuing the latter direction, with whiffs of Elbow and Vampire Weekend on songs such as ‘Badhabit’, and the ghost of The Cure is never far away. However, they happily cannot resist funk assaults such as the lithe ‘Milk & Black Spiders’ or trip-hopping ‘Stepson’. Even when the groove lessens, doubters are liable to be persuaded by their innate knack for epic choruses.

File under Jangle-funk
Download ‘Late Night’, ‘Milk & Black Spiders’, ‘Stepson’
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