07 December 2012
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Anyone noticed how fascinating the jazzier zones of dance music are becoming? What used to be the realm of beads, bongos and flute solos has been infected by the electronic production boldness of dubstep and all that followed, by the rugged grooves of a new generation of deep house and the radically fractured beat science of the post-J Dilla world of Flying Lotus and friends.

Now the kind of uncategorisable sounds that you’ll hear played by Benji B, Gilles Peterson or Rinse FM’s Alex Nut are anything but noodly or retro – they’re some of the most exciting and modernist music around. And that’s where Bonn-based producer Tim Keiling, aka Erdbeerschnitzel (it means something like “strawberry cutlet”) fits.

The rhythms here veer from broken hip hop to quite a bit of solid house, the sound palette is made up of jazz samples and 80s soul/boogie/r’n’b instrumentation, but the production is as odd and sophisticated as the finest Berlin bunker techno. Fluting Vocoders, jazzy licks and borderline cheesy disco noodles are all turned inside out, creating a lush, looking-glass world while retaining the more corporeal pleasures of their original inspirations.

Whether it’s the mind-warping, bit-crunched beat disjunctions of ‘Wait’ or the elegantly bumping house of ‘Separate Spaces’, this finds new ways to deliver the funk with every track. Groovy, baby; very groovy.

File under Slick, jazzy weirdness
Download ‘Separate Spaces’, ‘Wait’, ‘Tetra’, ‘Semantics’
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