03 June 2013
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When they first emerged in 2010, brothers Guy and Howard were fully engaged with post-dubstep; Joy Orbison’s defining ‘Hyph Mngo’ was a major influence and their tunes fed off the low-end innovations native to their Croydon home town. But ask them now and they’d probably say they feel more affinity with Chicago house and New Jersey garage – which is why ‘Settle’ opens with a classic Windy City-style vocal sample that proclaims: “As much as you like to control your environment, the reality is, everything changes”. Disclosure now stand at the forefront of a new generation of club kids who crave house, leading them into the night with productions charged with strobe-lit emotion, immaculate pop hooks and irresistible rhythmic verve. 

UK Top 40 singles ‘White Noise’ (#2), ‘You & Me’ (#10) and ‘Latch’ (#11) will forever be tunes that scorched the chart with innovative yet accessible electronic music, and none of their potency has been lost here. Contenders for future hits include ‘January’, a collaboration with Jamie Woon that makes you feel as though you’re wrapped in silk, and ‘Voices’, which sees Sasha Keable’s voice soar across the Lawrence brothers at their ecstatic best. Then there’s ‘Confess To Me’, the inevitable team-up with Jessie Ware, which is a driving, impactful anthem built for the festival-sized crowds the duo now play to. And, if anyone’s worried, throbbing speed-garage belter ‘Stimulation’ proves that the boys can still bang hard. 

Only the dull funk on ‘Grab Her’ and drab, downtempo closer ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ detract from an album that perfectly epitomises the new wave of house music – and may even be its peak. What an achievement. 

File under The new wave of house and garage
Download ‘Stimulation’, ‘January’, ‘Voices’
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