DAPHNI By Joe Muggs

26 October 2012
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Dan Snaith needs no introduction, and this first full-length from the Daphni alias only secures his position as a bafflingly reliable supplier of pure musical pleasure. It’s an extended love letter to the power of four-to-the-floor dance music at its most basic: every track is about riff and repetition, variation on a theme, the flipping of a simple sample over a solid beat and analogue bassline.

It’s the antidote to over-processed electro and minimal, every sound there not to show off some production technique or new plug-in, but because it’s right. But it’s not retro, either – like his friend and collaborator Four Tet, Snaith is able to absorb everything from Afrobeat to academic synth experiments not in pursuit of some mythical buzz from the past, but because they work in the here and now. By going back to the first principles of house he’s built something very new and very wonderful.

File under Once & future house
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