DANIEL AVERY By Jeremy Abbott

21 October 2013
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When you get the nod from some of the most prolific and ingenuous artists in electronic music it’s often hard to live up to the hype, but Daniel Avery has exceeded expectations.

He’s been backed since the start of his career by Erol Alkan and Andrew Weatherall, and it’s no surprise: his unique brand of mechanical, slowed-down techno has seen him go from strength to strength – and now his debut album is here. ‘Drone Logic’ is an absolute stunner from start to finish.

Fan favourite ‘Water Jump’ starts the album off in spectacular, sweeping style. The extended mix is the atmospheric opening that you need for an album like this. ‘Free Floating’ is the first of the new tracks, and as ever Avery’s perfectly timed, understated claps drive the song forward while the whirring, ragged synths buzz away in the background.

‘Drone Logic’ rolls beautifully into ‘These Lights Never End’ as we’re taken into the belly of an acidic beast. The track is forever morphing into something more dark and punishing, yet as with the rest of the album, it’s never hard to listen to.

‘Naive Response’ is a robotic behemoth, its devastating drop just shy of a minute in, but it still packs all the groove that the LP has been built on. ‘All I Need’ and ‘Simulrec’ are highlights in what is a confident and mesmerising debut from Avery, one that deserves to go down as one of the best of 2013.

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Download ‘Drone Logic’, ‘Naive Response’, ‘Simulrec’
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