BOYS NOIZE By Nick Stevenson

29 September 2012
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Admit it, you’re not really listening to Justice’s last album any more, are you? It’s OK; you’re allowed to say it.

The French duo’s prog-rock departure may have left many of you wondering if your appetite for crashing electro and techno will ever be satisfied – particularly as most electro producers these days have either gone the way of bass music or become sanitised chart-botherers.

Thank heavens, then, for Alex ‘Boys Noize’ Ridha whose third studio album is a reliable journey into thrashing, powerful and industrial electro and techno. Oh and Snoop Dogg (pre-Lion). But we’ll get to that.

The album opens with a mechanical voice reassuring you, “This is what you want, this is what you get” before flailing around in ‘Silver Screen Shower Scene’-type alarms and a beat so thumping even the horizon begins juddering along with it. The first single from the album, ‘XTC’, features a voice becoming more and more mechanised, embedding itself slowly into the track. ‘Conchord’ has nice melodic touches in an otherwise pummelling and dramatic narrative, ‘Ich R U’ lures an enjoyable funk out of its stabby exterior while ‘Stop’ sounds like the robots from a car plant have been wired up to Ableton Live.

As with a lot of BN’s output, the majority would only constitute ‘home listening’ if your home happens to be a hot German warehouse that’s filled to capacity. ‘Rocky 2’, ‘Missile’ and ‘Reality’ are just such tracks – hear them anywhere that’s not a club and you’ll find yourself strobing your eyelids just to recreate the feeling that you’re back on a dancefloor.

Unexpected collaborator Snoop Dogg is on the album’s closer ‘Got It.’ He’d originally covered the Jungle Brothers ’88 classic ‘I’ll House You’ but at the last minute the label swapped it. That only makes said cover even cooler... if you can track it down.

Stream the album exclusively over on our MP3 blog.

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Download ‘Got It’, ‘Conchord’, ‘What You Want’
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