BLUE HAWAII By Stephen Worthy

06 March 2013
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Inhabiting the same glacial, oppressive, electronic netherworld as The Knife and fellow Canadian Grimes, Blue Hawaii’s debut deals with big themes – it’s about the conflict between personal isolation and community. Put intellectual conceits aside and ‘Untogether’s dense, throbbing undercurrent, a soundtrack to some alternative dancefloor, proves alluring. ‘Daisy’ is a case in point, a deliciously moody collision of agitated bass synths, clip-clop percussion and wispy vocals. There’s an overriding sensuality about the record, but then Blue Hawaii’s Raphaelle Standell-Preston (of experimental alt-rockers Braids) and Alex ‘Agor’ Cowan are also romantic partners – though they recorded separately, late at night, while the other slept. One way to stop any arguments…

File under: Sensual, dense electro-pop
Download : ‘Try To Be’, ‘In Two’, ‘Daisy’
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