What's your Brazilian footy name?

26 June 2006
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brazilshirtIn case you've missed it there's a World Cup on. We've found a website that translates your name into what it would be if you were playing for Brazil. Here's our random DJ XI. Have a go yourself and tell us what your Brazil squad name is. Beijos!

1. Norman Cook – Normildo
2. Sven Väth – Veto Santos
3. John Digweed - Digweosa
4. Richie Hawtin - Hawtisco
5. Steve Lawler - Lawliano
6. Paul Oakenfold – Oakenfa
7. Lee Burridge – Leeiro
8. Eddie Halliwell – Eddiardo
9. Carl Cox – Cinhosa
10. Erol Alkan - Ereca
11. Adam Freeland - Adezo



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