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11 August 2013
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Earlier this week, what might be the most awkward video interview of all time appeared online. Well, as far as dance music is concerned anyway.

Posted by iHeartRadio, it featured a bored-looking Major Lazer and a cringe-inducing interviewer. Some ultra-dry humour was deployed by Diplo and his gang throughout, completely dumbfounding iHeartRadio's presenter and making for some wonderful, horrible car crash TV.

DJ's can be quite guarded, press-trained creatures, but they also provide some quality wit every so often. Major Lazer's excellent performance made us think of other memorable dance music interviews that have been committed to film. We dug up the 10 best, from Eats Everything's brilliant one-liners to David Guetta inviting Jonathan Ross out to Ibiza, via Skream getting bladdered with Goldie.

10. Major Lazer

The most recent upload in this Top 10, and the one that sparked the chart in the first place, comes in the form of this pearler from iHeartRadio. We reported on it this week and we can't get enough of it. The Major Lazer crew are notorious for getting a party riled up but in this cringeworthy and awkward interview with American satirist Kennedy, the three look entirely unimpressed. Expect Kim Kardashian vagina references, Jillionaire's admissions of keeping a dead body in his basement and Diplo conducting his own interview with Walshy Fire. Kennedy loses total control and the Lazer boys run riot. Too funny.

9. Wiley

Oh Wiley, you joker. If he's not slagging off Glastonbury for not paying him enough then he's leaking swathes of his own tunes. In this interview with Kiss FM the notorious rapper discusses his thoughts on Kanye, whether he's made a million quid or not and his plans for retirement, including the brilliantly cocky quote, "I'm 34, I don't need to work past 40, I'm that good." And then there's the anecdote about sending his mate to a meeting to decide whether he should sign up for Celebrity Big Brother or not. The Godfather is on fine form here.

8. Eats Everything

You only need to watch his DJ sets to know that Bristol favourite Eats Everything is a fun-loving guy. Here he talks to FACT while up a mountain at this year's Snowbombing Festival. Aside from having a bad back, he makes some good observations, especially about the punters at the event: "There's people with stuff round their noses they shouldn't have at all times of the day and night, walking down the street." Good spot. And there's plenty more one liners to dig into, too...

7. Justice

This little gem from French electro kings Justice was aired on Finnish TV and from the very first question you can tell that the duo aren't really with it. When the interviewer talks about Finland and asks, "What do you remember from our beautiful country", Xavier's reply is priceless. Completely dead pan, he replies: "We don't remember anything man, he [Gaspard] had an alcoholic comatose." The expressions throughout are gold and exactly what you'd expect from the Frenchmen.

6. David Guetta

David Guetta is now a household name thanks to continually smashing up singles and album charts the world over. Here on The Jonathan Ross Show, the French producer receives a few friendly digs from the entertainer. When talking about the numerous amount of houses he owns, Guetta claims it's because he travels so much, to which Ross quips, "Well, I travel a lot, I use hotels". The funniest turn of events is when Ross accepts Guetta's invitation to fly out to Ibiza straight after the show. Nice.

5. Danny Brown

He's the gap tooth, fire breathing, profanity oozing rapper and in this short video for Noisey, we get right to the core of what Danny Brown's about. We're talking getting hit by a car, not being able to eat a hot dog, "slurping clitoris" and a freestyle rap about drugs. We love you Danny.


Another awkward-yet-funny clip, here we have the dance music big dog Tiësto getting mistaken for fellow mainstage man Marcus Schulz on live TV. This one speaks for itself but at least the Dutchman holds a nice big smile throughout. Good sportsmanship and a genuinely LOL-inducing video.

3. Björk

The combination of Björk and Simon Amstell is something that we'll never get tired of. His ridiculous questions and her endearing and humorous nature make for perfect viewing. We particularly like it when Amstell tells Björk that his "horse is unwell and that it could be the kidneys" in Icelandic.

2. Seth Troxler

Here's a man that everyone in clubland is fully familiar with. His skill behind the decks for selecting superb music is second to none and his funny side is also right on point. Any interview with Seth is likely to be an amusing one but this episode with Rolling Stone at Coachella is a particular gem. He talks about his love for dipping chips in milkshakes, his sadness about the "pressing play" generation and then the spanking money shot. Lighting a shit on Avicii's front door. Check it.

1. Goldie and Skream

This is an interview you may not have seen before but it's an absolute blinder. Here we take a trip to Melt Festival with Goldie and Skream as they have dinner together, traipse round the site, play earth-shattering sets and get bladdered. The banter between the two is very strong and as it was filmed back in 2008, we see a young Skream back in his salad days. The two DJs are both heroes in our eyes and this is an hour of your time well spent. Enjoy.




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