Ministry of Sound launch petition to save club

23 February 2010
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Following last week's news that a new housing development could threaten the future of the Ministry of Sound a petition has been set up.

If you wish to sign the petition head to

The petition includes this inspiring excerpt: "We refuse to just sit idly by and let this happen. Ministry of Sound is not just a nightclub. Millions of people have passed through our doors over the 18 years we have been open. 300,000 people a year visit us annually, bringing trade to Elephant & Castle and the surrounding area. In the past we have, and will always strive to, create the moments people live for, and that people never forget. We are the people that come here, the people that work here, the music that is played here and the lifelong bonds that are made here. If we lose Ministry of Sound, we are losing a vital piece of youth culture in this country. Nightclubs may have existed before Ministry of Sound, but they were never the same afterwards."

The Chief Executive of UK Music, Feargal Sharkey, has come out in support of the club with this statement: “Ministry of Sound is a London landmark, a UK success story and a globally recognised brand. Any threat to such a core part of its business should be considered very carefully.”

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