Is Larry Levan The Greatest DJ Of All Time?

03 November 2010
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Have you chosen your Greatest DJ Of All Time yet? If not, never fear, you’ve still got time. To help you make your mind up, over the next few months we’ll be featuring each of our nominees here on Watch the video, read the interview, and then vote at Next up it’s Larry Levan…

"He was New York in the 80s"

Larry Levan was known as the resident DJ at famed New York City club The Paradise Garage, but he was also a prolific producer and remixer with many of his productions storming the international dance charts. After suffering from addictions to heroin and PCP, Larry died tragically in 1992 at age 38, from heart failure.

"In the mid-seventies, before I moved to New York, I went to a party at The Paradise Garage – and it was the most unbelievable experience. It was at that point I first became aware of Larry Levan. He just played whatever he felt. He was the most risk-taking, interesting DJ. He would play one song five times, and if it cleared the floor he'd just play it again. He'd dare people not to dance to it. I'd go to the Garage to hear what he was playing, and then I'd be inspired to make records. I'd give him an acetate and wait until about five or six am to hear him play it. When I couldn't wait any longer I'd leave, and the next day a friend would call and say, "Larry played your record about five minutes after you left, it sounded amazing!" He did stuff like that. He was New York in the 80s, and he is without doubt one of my favourite DJs."

Arthur Baker is a producer, DJ and engineer, best known for his production work with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, New Order and Al Green.



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