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BLACKBERRY Z30 By Nick Stevenson

01 October 2013
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Not unlike the plight of fellow naughties favourite Nokia, BlackBerry are also a smartphone company that could be accused of dozing off for ten years while Apple, Samsung and Sony have stolen the smartphone market it helped shape.

But BlackBerry haven't given up. In fact their newest handset, the Z30, is a beautifully put together smartphone with functionality that feels ergonomic and slick. The latest edition is the biggest, highest res screen on a Blackberry yet.

The phone was released at Selfridges last week and went on general release elsewhere today.

There are no home buttons or back buttons on the Z30 as it relies on simple movements or gestures to navigate round the phone - all of which become second nature within minutes of using its. The software, now 10.2, has been designed to let you easily flow between apps, messages and the like without ever having to pause, interrupt or generally disrupt what you were doing. Typing is particularly slick; its keyboard predicts what word you're mid typing, giving you the option to flick the suggested words up onto the message. It's incredibly intuitive and even knows the names of brands and celebrities (although it didn't know any DJs names during our tests).

As a music fan you'll be pleased with the revamped dual integrated stereo speakers and the 25 hours mixed use battery time. Meanwhile BlackBerry's most loved feature, BBM, has been revamped with voice and video messaging meaning a Skype-like service is now free direct from the handset. And with BBM soon coming to iOS and Android this messaging service will soon be available for non-BlackBerry holders.

Which leads me to question, with BBM soon available on most devices is there any longer a USP for Blackberry? Whilst the Z30 is a great handset, with an incredible screen and features that makes working on the go and managing various social accounts at once much simpler than an iPhone, going back to BlackBerry does kind of feel like checking out the revamped MySpace. Even with a 5inch screen, 8mp camera and super intuitive software it feels like it's not bringing anything truly innovative to the party.




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