28 May 2012
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More essential bass music movements from Bristol

Who Adam Gazla, 24-year-old DJ/producer sending low-end vibrations from the south west
Sounds Like A blend of two-step, dubstep and techno inspired by the likes of Appleblim

Moving into a house owned by a dodgy landlady is normally a nightmare but for Adam Gazla, aka Arkist, it was a dream come true. He was in student digs in Bristol when he got booted out for smoking indoors.

But he wasn’t on the streets for long, because a couple of his sister’s mates had a bed going spare. And it just so happened that they were two of the city’s most prodigious producers, Appleblim and Komonazmuk. “Ever since then I’ve had loads of help and influence,” Adam says. “Not only that but it was the best room in the house!”

Living with Appleblim (known as ‘Oracle’ because of his vast knowledge of tunes) and Komonazmuk (known as ‘Manual’ because of his limitless tech skills) paid off and he was soon dropping beats on Appleblim’s Applepips label and Scuba’s Hotflush imprint. Adam was also expanding his sonic horizons on the Creative Music Technology course at Bath Spa uni. “That opened my mind up to all the possibilities of sound in its own right, as opposed to Western melodical rules,” he says. “I found a whole different approach to perceiving sound, which is brilliant.”

Now he’s known for creating a deep, rolling, atmospheric blend of techno, dubstep and garage, and, having graduated last year, he’s hitting music full time. He’s currently brewing new tunes with a low-slung house influence (while still championing sub frequencies) and has a raft of festivals lined up. Arkist’s next release will surely be the bass-heavy soundtrack to your summer.

Arkist plays Glade Festival, June 14–17




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