05 December 2011
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Words: Dave Jenkins
Published in Mixmag December 2011

Who Sam Schorb, a 22-year-old producer based in Manchester
Sounds like The frontier of interplanetary dance music where dubstep, garage and house collide

He may look a bit shifty with his hoody and beard, and ‘Damu’ may mean a card-carrying member of the infamous Blood gang. But trust us: he’s a total teddy bear.
His handle comes from a toddler who wanted to name his favourite cuddly toy ‘Sam’ but could only muster up ‘Damu’. Aw. And he’s also a massive fan of The Lion King. “Yeah, I’m hardly gang-land material,” he laughs. “I have no street connections in the slightest.”

The only connections that matter to Damu are the ones in his studio where he hooks his brain into the mixing desk matrix, trying to make sense of the cosmic layers of electronic inspiration. The most comprehensive example of such man/machine mind-melts is his debut album ‘Unity’. A toe-tapping tapestry of psychedelic bleeps, bass, beats and sonic sparkles, it swings sharply between raw, steppy rhythms and bedtime twinkle tinkery.

“I go for certain qualities in sound. I love fantasy,” he grins. “It’s not planned. I guess it’s quite bombastic and over the top.”

It’s also shockingly well produced and mature for a chap who’s only been into electronic music for three years. “I went to The Warehouse Project and was converted overnight,” he says. “The next morning I was like, ‘I need to get my hands on some Aphex Twin and some dubstep!’”

Spoken with all the passion of a recent convert to the church of dance.

‘Unity’ by Damu is out now on Keysound




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