21 January 2013
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Krewella’s first meeting involved a house party, lots of booze and a drunken fall down some stairs. It’s an experience everyone can relate to, but it also sums up their music: raucous, energetic and firmly focused on having fun. No wonder they’re providing the bass-heavy soundtrack for a generation of American teenagers falling in love with dance music. “If we open their minds to a whole new genre, that’s awesome,” says Yasmine.

In a male-dominated scene, Krewella’s appeal partly lies in their mixed gender line-up. While Kris lays down slabs of twisted electro, the sisters add catchy hooks with clear crossover potential.

“Writing sexy female vocals and seeing guys singing along, I feel like that’s a challenge,” says Jahan.

From drunkenly messing around producing tracks in high school, the triumphant trio are now locked into a hectic touring schedule. And when it comes to performing live, six hands are definitely better than one, giving them the freedom to take turns away from the decks to hype the crowd or hose them in champagne. Just check YouTube for proof of how they ramp their fans to dizzying levels of excitement, turning each show into “a sweaty, raving party where you lose your mind.”

Their debut video for ‘Killing It’ went viral last year, marking them out as ones to watch and securing them support slots for Skrillex and Knife Party. But with the track already being used to soundtrack NBA games, it looks like these newcomers have entered the big league.

The ‘Play Hard’ UK Deluxe Edition is out now on Krewella Music




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