26 November 2012
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Who LA-based 25-year-old taking her electrifying sound around the world
Sounds Like Bolshy electro bangers

Watching live videos of Audrey Napoleon on YouTube, it’s clear the 25-year-old doesn’t do things by halves. Footage from the recent IDentity festival, one of the US’s biggest touring dance festivals, shows her in a striking floor-length, black, skeleton-emblazoned dress, overseeing a soundtrack of her own pounding electro and dubstep as she furiously stamps her feet and tosses her mane of glossy black hair back and forth, eyes flashing under Cleopatra make-up.

And that all-out attitude has been applied to all aspects of her career, not just her thrilling live show. Born in Houston to Sicilian parents, Audrey took up DJing three years ago after seeing James Zabiela at LA’s Avalon club, after which she holed up in her bedroom for six months and taught herself the craft. This was followed by an exhaustive touring schedule, organised off her own back.
“My friends call me the pitbull,” she tells us with a chuckle. “Because when I want something, I get tunnel vision and just go and get it.”

After touring the US and Europe Audrey landed a residency at Avalon in LA where her opening night saw her play alongside Zabiela. “I tried to be really cool about it, but I just ended up asking him to sign my laptop,” she says.

With her career progressing rapidly Audrey was snapped up by Heineken who made her a brand ambassador and used her music in one of their adverts. “I was in Times Square on New Year’s Eve with my dad and they played it on the huge screen,” she says with a mixture of pride and disbelief.

With an endless touring schedule and plans to sing the vocals on her next album, expect this Napoleon to quickly build an empire.

Photo: Gretchen Lanham




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