HELLO: C2C By James Waldron

25 June 2012
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Turntable champions making hip hop with a twist

Who Guillaume Jaulen (DJ Greem, 33), Thomas Le Vexier (Atom, 32), Pierre Forestier (Pfel, 32) and Sylvain Richard (20Syl, 33) from Nantes, western France
Sounds like Justice getting down with DJ Shadow

Before C2C ever set foot in a studio they had already secured themselves a place in the DJ hall of fame. The French four-piece won the prestigious DMC team championships for four years in a row, with crowd-rocking sets that showed them to be as comfortable cutting up Brazilian samba as 90s hip hop. “We’ve always been interested in other styles of music,” says Pfel. “Thomas and I used to play guitar when we were kids, and that was one of our first music loves.” They’ve applied this eclectic approach to their first joint production, the ‘Down The Road’ EP, which owes as much to the Gallic excesses of Justice or Daft Punk as it does to Gang Starr.

Their formula is simple: “The basis is the fat beats and the big bass”, says DJ Greem. “Then we can add influences from any culture”. Take lead single ‘F.U.Y.A’, where lush orchestral samples are scratched over a half-time beat that nods to UK bass music. Bonding over a love of US rap and skateboarding while at high school, they were turned on to the art of scratching by 20Syl, who was already in hip hop collective Hocus Pocus.

From these humble beginnings they are now set to push their performances even further with a new AV tour. “Every time we drop a sound there will be a visual,” says Pfel. “It brings another dimension to the show.” Lock up your turntables, because C2C are coming to a club near you.

The ‘Down The Road’ EP is out now on On And On Records, with an album to follow this autumn on Mercury




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