04 April 2011
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Words: Craig Torrance
Published in Mixmag April 2011

WHO? Bea Tricks and Beatmaster G (aka Juan Aboli) on production and mic duties
SOUNDS LIKE Nasty electo-tech with all manner of influences

There are no better places to learn your trade as a DJ than London and Ibiza, and that’s where Spanish DJ and producer Bea Tricks honed her skills, alongside Mexican counterpart Xochitl West, as the sexy duo Dollz At Play. But in today’s competitive industry DJing’s just not enough, and so Bea got her production game on after a chance meeting with a beat-boxer, Beatmaster G, in Ibiza in 2009.

"A friend introduced me to G, and he came to hear a few of my sets and really liked my sound," says Bea. "I didn’t just want to make music on my computer, so he invited me to his studio and we just connected, maybe because we’re both Spanish."

They immediately started blazing a trail in the studio, combining their respective musical influences. Their first EP (‘Be At Risk’) was immediately snapped up by contemporary techno pioneer Mathew Jonson for his Wagon Repair label, and released last year. "We totally complement each other, it’s a great balance," she says. "I’m from a punk and rockabilly background and he comes from the world of hip hop and beatboxing."

Mathew Jonson asked them to do an album, and ‘Movie T’ is the result, an impressive fusion of dark, throbbing electro and tech sounds featuring both their vocals. "It’s just groovy and fun with lots of bass and a mix of eighties and nineties sounds. I don’t really know how to sing, something just came from inside me, an inspiration," Bea says.

With the live show in the works, does this spell the end for Dollz At Play? "Xochitl’s moved to LA with her husband [a certain Mr C], and I’ll be based in Europe and touring as Class B Band, so we’re just doing our own thing," she says. "But no, it’s not the end." You could say that both are in 
a class of their own.

Movie T’ is out March 29 on Wagon Repair




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