TOP 12: DANCE DJ'S APPS By Dave Jenkins

10 June 2012
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12. iDaft 2/Daft Machine
There are four types of DJ app: dull ‘keep up to date with...’ ones, music streamers, cool mixing ones and ones to piss people off. How often can you mouth the lyrics of ‘Harder Better...’ and ‘Technologic’ before your smart-phone gets shoved up your smartarse?
£Free, iPhone, iPad, Android

11. Ferry Corsten: 20 Years
Celebrating two decades of graft at trance’s coalface, Fezza has turned his discography into an epic megamix that’s the very first app-only album! What’s more, iTunes describes the images as ‘beautiful pictures of Ferry’s face morphing through the years.’ Ace.
£1.99, iPhone, iPad

10. DJ Shadow
‘The Less You Know, The Better’: so says Shadow’s last album title. The more you know, the better: so we say of Shadow’s free app. The tour/news functions are standard, but the music section includes mixes, Shadow Radio sessions and exclusive remixes.
£Free, iPhone, iPad, Android

9. Bob Sinclar: DJ Club
Travel the world and play Bob Sinclar records in the sexiest of discos! Then wake up, realise you’re not Bob and play his favourite sexy discos on this app instead. Part DJ Hero-style game, part loop machine, the game-play, colours and graphics are as fluffy as his music. Lovely.
£2.99, iPhone, iPad

8. Deadmau5 Mix II
Sadly, Joel’s huge crowds and mega-Mau5 headpiece aren’t included, but you do get access to the Mau5 vaults. Mix them at your leisure with Traktor-style software, but beware: don’t eat cheese before you play: cheddary fingers ruin screens!
£1.99, iPhone, iPad

7. It’s All Gone Pete Tong
Your music collection is missing one thing: a personal thumbs-up from Tongy himself. Simply upload your iTunes library data and Pete will approve your tunes and suggest a few extras, too. An interesting idea, if a little patronising.
£Free, PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android

6. Paul Dyk: PvD DJ
Van Dyk’s bucked the trend for streaming/mixing apps and instead offers a range of nerdy club tools: a BPM counter, noise-level reader, frequency analyser, seismic reader to help adjust the needle for time-coded vinyl and even a virtual glo-stick!
£1.49, iPhone, iPad

5. Remiix: Plastikman
Remiix have made similar apps for Voorn, Huntemann and Dubfire, but Hawtin’s minimal techno really comes alive with this loop-masher. Achieve Plastikman perfection with a collection of loops from hits such as ‘Ping Pong’, ‘Gak’ and ‘Glob’. Grab your iThing and go Spastik.
£1.99, iPhone, iPad

4. Carl Cox: Music Mixer
For those times when you’re busting for a mixing session but your decks are miles away, Coxy’s lent you his tunes and turntables and squeezed them onto your smartphone. With similar digi-trickery to Serato, this is chock-a-block with cool functions. Algorithm is a dancer!
£6.99, iPhone, iPad

3. David Guetta: ElectroBeats
With a vast soundbank, FX and an intuitive Launchpad-style operating system, this impressive music-making app means there’s a chance you could make a bona fide banger today. Tomorrow: hair gel adverts. Maybe.
£6.99, iPhone, iPad

2. DJ Chuckie: Noisepad
Brand new and iPad-only, Chuckie’s Noisepad is the future of DJ apps: with FX, EQs, tempo change and a sampler, this is great for DJs on the hunt for extra performance pep. The only danger is getting carried away and forgetting to mix the next tune.
£1.99, iPad

And the winner is...
1. Radio Soulwax
Imagine having 2ManyDJs playing in your pocket, all day, every day… well now you can, with this impressive collection of 24 hour-long mixes. Each one is themed with its own concept (a classic rap mix, an intro montage, a Belgium mix, a cosmic mix) and they come complete with unique animations and groovy visuals. No gimmicks, tour dates, news, or any pointless crap at all; just 24 hours of the brothers Dewaele showing off their record collections and mad creative skills. And it’s free! Appy days indeed.
£Free, iPhone, iPad, Android




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