27 December 2012
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Disclosure have had a stellar year. They've found their way into the UK Top 40, conquered Ibiza, created a stunning live show, sold out a heap of gigs and seem to have access to a never ending stream of certified bangers. Their tracks veer between killer vocal cuts and awesome club weapons, seducing fresh-faced club kids and experienced ravers alike.

Mixmag caught the duo to talk about their forthcoming album and getting all Balearic...

You’ve had tunes in the Top 40 this year. How does that feel? Do your parents finally understand what you’re doing?

Guy: It’s very unexpected. We never thought those songs would get into the Top 40 or anything. It’s been amazing. And our parents are very happy and supportive! 

Howard: They always have been!

How has life changed?

Guy: It’s been a lot of work. A lot of running around the world, writing the album, being in the studio. Our life is full on, we just do this non-stop really. It’s the best job in the world. 

How’s the new album coming on?

Guy: Good. We’ve been having a lot of sessions with different vocalists over the last couple of months. We’re writing our own instrumental tracks, Howard’s been singing on some of the songs. We’ve left time in February and March to do some writing. It’s been going really well.

When’s the LP scheduled for?

Guy: March or April. It’s basically going to be what our sound has already been like. Our last EP is a good indication of what the album is going to consist of. It’ll be a similar vibe. We want to make sure there’s a good balance of club tunes and vocal tunes. 

Your recent live show in Brixton was the first time Howard was singing, how did that go? He looked nervous at first but then got well into it!

Howard: It was quite interesting. I expected to be quite nervous but I got into it. 

In older interviews you said you were influenced by dubstep producers like Burial. But now time has moved on, what are you listening to these days?

Guy: When we started out we were listening to Burial and people like that. We were listening to what was going on at that time and learning how to produce. Now at the end of 2012 we’ve gone back and tried to understand the roots of dance music. That’s taken us back to Detroit and Chicago and techno and old-skool garage and house. For most people it would be the other way round but we weren’t around when that stuff was going on. It’s been a different learning curve. We’re now influenced by Todd Edwards and Zed Bias and old-skool garage people like that.

Some of your new tunes are more straight-up 4/4. Are you making more housey tunes?

Guy: I think those tunes are as far as we’ll go in that direction. We definitely want a couple on the album though, we’ve been to Ibiza a few times this year! It might have rubbed off on us. 

In hindsight, how much of a big deal was that?

Guy: It was the first time we’d ever been and we ended up going four times. It’s mad. 

Howard: All our friends spent loads of money to be out there but we were paid to go!

Has it increased your love of club culture?

Guy: The clublife is so different out there in comparison to the UK. It’s interesting to go and see what works out there. You definitely have to play a different set if you're DJing.

Howard: It’s educated us a lot more. 

Guy: We learnt a lot. Howard’s only just turned 18 so it was a learning curve for both of us. I’ve only ever been out to clubs in London and Brighton. 

Do you ever get people dissing you for that?

Howard: There’s more people who are positive about it than negative. You get the occasional person who says “who are you to make garage, you weren’t there!” It’s like, who cares, it’s on the internet. 

Guy: Music is there for everyone. You don’t turn around to some classical musician and tell them to not play Beethoven. 

Howard: If in 20 years someone’s trying to make music like us, I’m not going to tell them to fuck off. I’m going to think it’s sick. 




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