25 January 2013
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Last Friday, January 18, over 1,700 people walked through the door of New York’s newest super-club to get a glimpse of the exciting space and hear Dubfire play a set of his renowned and refined techno.

After a stellar opening set by club residents Sleepy & Boo who are working with Marquee to bring underground, international talent to the club every Friday, Dubfire took to the decks around 1 AM. The hype surrounding the re-opening of the club was warranted, as the brand new Funktion One Resolution 6 system complemented Dubfire’s big basslines and aggressive techno stabs perfectly.

We were able to catch up with the SCI+TEC boss and find out what he thinks about playing in New York, the prospect of a Deep Dish reunion, and how he will push technological boundaries in 2013.


Tonight is the grand opening of one of the biggest clubs in Manhattan and they brought you in as the headliner. What does this kind of gig mean for you?
Playing in New York is always exciting. Back in the day when me and Sharam were thinking of starting Deep Dish, we were making regular pilgrimages to New York on Wednesday nights to see Little Louie Vega at Underground Network or Sound Factory with Junior Vasquez. Also, N.A.S.A at the Shelter club and Save The Robots as well. There were so many seminal New York nights. Every time I come back here I sort of try to infuse the same feeling into my sets that I felt when I first started seeing these DJs.

It is widely known that you are a big 'foodie'. Where do you go out to dinner before a night like this and what are some spots you have visited recently?
I used to always go to the same spots, but a few years ago I decided to try a lot of different spots and different hotels. Earlier today I went to a really amazing Moroccan restaurant in Brooklyn called Café Mogador. It was just up the street from the new club, Output. Right now I am on a detox diet, so no meat or fish. So we went to this Japanese vegetarian restaurant, which I have never experienced before called Kajitsu. It didn’t feel like a vegetarian meal because it was that good.


There has been a fair amount of speculation regarding a potential Deep Dish reunion. I also saw that Sharam is at Marquee soon. Is there any possibility of studio time or playing a gig together? Has it been brought up in conversation?
For the last two or three years, a lot of promoters are putting in offers for us to play. We entertain the offers but we have no plans to do anything of that scale yet. What I can say is, we are putting together a box set which will be a retrospective of all the tracks that we have done, all the remixes, all the compilations. It will be a really comprehensive storybook. Visually, there might be a DVD that will accompany it…but mainly it will be something that tells the history of Deep Dish, both good and bad. In going through the old Deep Dish vaults, I came across a lot of stuff that I am not really proud of. It is stuff that we did in a period and time where I may have made compromises musically. But there are other things that I am really proud of. It is just going to be a hodgepodge of everything Deep Dish related. It is going to take up the bulk of our time. In doing that, we may feel inspired to get back into the studio and use some unreleased projects as a starting point for new tracks.

What is going on with the label, SCI+TEC? I noticed that you are releasing a lot of your own singles, along with making a big effort to cultivate the talent that is signed to your label. What is going on release wise? Anything big we should look out for?

The release schedule is pretty much done. But I am strictly trying to promote new and emerging artists. It is very easy for me to call in favors and for me to sign tracks by a lot of notable artists. But I'm really trying to help out the guys that are really talented who need to get their foot in the door. We have this guy out of Holland called Joop Junior, The Junkies and The Dolphins. The guys I am really pushing are The Junkies and SHADED, not only with the label but with DJ gigs as well.


What is your current DJ set up? What is going on with Native Instruments and how is your relationship with them?
I am using the 2 X1’s, I am using the F1 as a sample deck, and I am running a Maschine for drum sequences and fills. I am just constantly in touch with Native Instruments and they are filling me in on what is coming out. They have a lot of really interesting stuff coming out that I can’t talk about for obvious reason. I am chiming in with my thoughts on things that they are developing. I think that a lot of people are going to be very surprised with what they are going to come out with.

There has already been a big spillover into the underground that is a result of the recent ‘EDM’ explosion. Do you think it is sustainable and where do you see dance music going in 2013?
There is a battle going on right now. I just express myself and my views through the music that I make and the music that I play. I am just sort of watching how the whole thing is going to play out. In many ways I think that the pop stuff, in terms of the impact that its had, has gotten a lot more people into electronic music. We can only hope that these people are going to dig a little deeper and find more interesting records and more interesting artists. I think that people are generally intelligent enough to make their own choices with regards to their music tastes.

You have always been a strong advocate of technology and utilising it to the fullest extent. How did you feel about the CNTRL tour that Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice did in late 2012 and do you think they accomplished what they set out to do?
I think it was great. I think it is really cool what they are trying to do. Richie and Dice didn’t have to do that. For Richie, after the Ibiza season and the success of ENTER, he could have just taken some time off. But Richie being Richie, the workaholic that he is, he decided that it was important for the scene to go out there and try to educate people, specifically in America. He wanted to show everyone that this whole EDM thing is not representative of where we are coming from, musically speaking. I am really happy that he did it and I hope he continues to do stuff like that.




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