30 January 2012
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Who: Rowan Jones, fast-rising 18-year-old producer endorsed by Skream, Chase & Status, MistaJam etc

Sounds like: The full dubstep range, from cavernous to chart-busting, all rolled into one coherent package

Dream stands out from the crowd. In person, you can’t miss his highly impressive afro (maintained with “quality conditioner, regular washing, and plenty of female stroking and groping”). Online, his big persona stands out, with his often hilarious tweets guaranteed to stir up a reaction. “People think I’m being cocky,” he says, “but when I think something, I have to say it, that’s just me and I can’t help it ... I’m a nice guy, though, I hope!”. And, rinsed by all the biggest DJs, his dubs hit like10-tonne trucks.

Combining Flux Pavilion-style lairy rave energy with a touch of class and the ability to switch into deeper moods at a moment’s notice, Dream’s tunes are a great representation of dubstep’s range. But he’s not going to get stuck in a rut. “I’m an in-the-moment person,” he says, “and my tunes come from how I’m feeling that moment, so stuff that’s coming up won’t be 100% dubstep; there’ll be house, chilled-out stuff, dark electronic hip-hop ...”

Having grown up in the London suburb of Richmond, which he describes as “a small, boring place at the end of the District line”, Dream is currently having a whale of a time tearing round the world, but a lot more is yet to come as he has yet to properly tour the US, where his tunes are currently blowing up massively. Not bad for an artist with only a couple of official releases to date. In fact, you might say he really is ... oh yes ... living the dream.

Dream’s top 3 weird dreams

1 “Loads of people chasing me and instead of human faces they had dog faces.”

2 “Thought I was looking at a really hot girl, then she turned round and looked like a zombie and tried to come on to me with force.”

3 “Someone let off a firework and it hit me in the mouth smashing out all my teeth!”

Dream’s ‘I Am Dream’ EP is out now on X147




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