29 November 2012
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Alex Arnout plays House Rules' 8th birthday at Fire in London on Saturday December 1. We caught up with him to talk through his year...

As we approach the final month of the year, what have you been up to in 2012 and what have been your highlights?

Just getting my head down really and getting in the studio every day. I'm working on an artist album at the minute and producing one for a good friend of mine, as well as trying to build a new studio, so it's all systems go. The highlights have been working on my EP for One Records with Tyree Cooper. He's a hero of mine so to be working with him was definitely my highlight of the year.

It’s your debut for House Rules, what should the crowd expect from your set?
I'm looking to road test a few tracks from my album so I can see if they work on the dancefloor and then take them back into the studio for extra tweaking. Also looking forward to playing some exclusives from labels such as La Vie En Rose, Turquoise Blue and my label Dogmatik

Do you have a latest mix?
I'm actually working on a new Rebel Pod with Clive Henry but we're still putting it together, the last mix I did was for Ibiza Voice at the start of the summer which I enjoyed doing. Check it out here.

What are your top five tunes in your record box at the moment?
Dyed Soundorom's remix and Gerd's Acid Sleaze remix of Peace Division's 'Blacklight Sleaze' have been getting a good hammering as well as Tone Of Arc's remix of 'The End' by Scarlett Nina on Turquoise Blue. Also new tracks from wAFF (Pushed Away) and Kuba Sojka's 'You Can't Take it' both due for release on Dogmatik next year.

Which DJ throws the biggest parties?
I just recently played at the Warehouse Project in Manchester for Jamie Jones' Hot Creations night and that was pretty massive, also played for them in Ibiza, those guys sure know how to throw a party.

As a London based DJ how would you describe the state of dance music in the capital?
The music scene in London is off the scale at the minute, there's always different types of parties going on. If a scene gets too stale or stagnant, there always seems to be something else to take its place.

What have been the biggest changes in dance music since you started out?

I think the social media aspect of things has really pushed the scene forward and globalised it, as well the new digital era of music. You're now able to get your music out to the furthest corners of the world, something we couldn't do with vinyl 20 years ago.

Talk us through your production set up.
I mainly use analog gear, I find plug-ins lack a bit of bottom end so I went back to analog a few years ago, I have a 909, 808, 101, 303, Jupiter 8, Moog Little Phatty amongst other little secret classic synths.

Your label Dogmatik is going from strength to strength, what plans do you have for 2013?
More of the same really, putting out quality music and finding fresh talent as well as putting out productions by established producers. Our release schedule is already sorted till the end of next year, I just hope the world doesn't end on December 21.

Which DJs have you been following this year and why?
A lot of good friends have been coming through this year: Richy Ahmed, Adam Shelton, Subb-An... But Dyed Soundorom is my DJ's DJ. The guy digs deep and gave me something to think about, he's not one of these DJs just playing the Beatport Top 100 to get work.

What do you think of the London clubbing scene at the moment?
Really healthy, you have a party for every and any type of music you're into. My favourite party to play in London apart from our Dogmatik Showcases at Basing House has been Fuse at 93 Feet East for the last four years, the crowd there allow you to take them on a journey but as long as you make them dance and I love them for that.




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