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20 November 2012
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You want the simplest recording and the most TV choice on the market? Sky is for you. The Sky+ box – now available in standard, HD and mega-capacity 2TB (terabyte) versions – is the most popular TV recorder in Britain today, and its hassle-free usability is a big part of the reason why. 

The box’s only minor weakness is that unlike Virgin Media’s TiVo (see right), it only has two built-in tuners, which can occasionally lead to recording clashes. Still, connect your Sky+ box to your broadband and you can usually catch the show you fancied online instead. Sky’s On-Demand platform provides a huge range of both free and pay-per-view content, plus a dedicated Catch Up TV hub offering the ITV Player, Demand 5 and (soon) iPlayer and 4oD.

And its got even easier to use of late, too. Sky has recently revamped its iPad Sky+ app to offer Zeebox integration, so now you can contribute to Twitter debates about a popular show, plus find additional information about the show being watched. You also get a beautifully rendered version of the Sky EPG, allowing fluid browsing through shows being currently broadcast, instant or timed recording and even tap ’n’ swipe-based control over playback functions.




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