CARHARTT X AIAIAI TMA-1 By Curtis Moldrich

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19 November 2012
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Well known for producing hard wearing, fashionable street wear, Carhartt have teamed up with headphone makers AIAIAI to deliver these new TMA-1’s.

The TMA-1’s were already one of the best headphones on the market, and understandably Carhartt does little to change the mix. Most of the differences between this and the original TMA-1 are only skin deep - but with their striking grey tone and khaki wires, these cans do look a step above the stock model. 

Carhartt also shows its influence after you’ve taken the headphones out of the box. Undernearth the headphones you’ll find a hardwearing carry case adorned with the Carhartt logo - yet another nice touch that sets these special editions apart.

Identical to the other TMA-1 collaborations, the Carhartt X AIAIAI TMA-s feature the same great 40mm drivers. Extremely clear but with a touch of extra bass, the TMA-1 sound is already great for DJ’s especially, and brings an extra bit of punch and low end to dance music. 

Yours for £170, these do little to convince existing TMA-1 owners to part with their cash, but for the fashion conscious newcomers - this could just be the model to get. 

£170.00 | AIAIAI




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