AIAIAI PX-O By Curtis Moldrich

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22 November 2011
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A collaboration between Teenage Engineering and AIAIAI, these follow in the footsteps of the innovative OP-1 synthesizer.

Featuring the same retro style as the OP-1, the PX-0's are immediately striking, and would appeal to the fashion conscious as well as those who want to stand out. The AIAIAI PX-0's come in two forms - a basic standard model, and another boasting an online remote and the ability to be used as a hands free set.

Fortunately, their sharp design is backed up by solid sound. Clear treble and mids are present along with more than enough bass, and they are also able to block out most background noise, making them great for a commute.

Perfect for the user who wants something different, the AIAIAI PX-0's represent a perfect blend of style and function, and if you can't stretch to an OP-1 synthesizer, you can at least get some of its charm at a much more affordable €60.




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