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16 October 2012
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There’s a war being fought for control of the decks in DJ land. On one side is the Traktor/Serato DJ and on the other, spearheaded largely by Pioneer’s CDJ 2000s, the USB DJ. But while providing the ability to downsize your record bag to a USB has leapfrogged Pioneer back into contention, they’ve had a tough time persuading laptop DJs to leave behind their toolbox of effects. That is, until the RMX-1000.

What is it?
The 1000 is a lightweight, portable effects unit in a convenient size that makes it perfect for travel without compromising its usability. It works by using the effects sends available in most professional mixers to route audio out and into the effects unit, and then back into the mixer.

What can it do?
The 1000 is like four effects units in one. The first is a homage to the DJs’ original effects unit, the classic three-band isolator favoured by old-school DJs like Li’l Louis. The difference is, the 1000 uses digital programming to slice the hi, mids or lows out of the mix with brutal precision and then allows you to apply a choice of three time-based effects to each frequency band. Underneath the isolator is a drum machine that allows you to play and loop in a kick, snare, clap or hat pattern in perfect time with the track you’re already playing. The 1000 comes with a separate piece of software that can be used to customise every effect, meaning you can replace the drum samples with your own. The third section is an LFO-based effects section consisting mostly of echo- or noise- based effects. And finally, the ‘release FX’ option allows you to end any effect by adding a choice of vinyl brake, echo or spin into the mix to add a tail to the end of the effect you’ve used.

Any weaknesses?
We’d have preferred a looping section in place of some of the LFO effects which feel a little redundant. If you’re using CDJ 2000s you’ll already have looping capability, but it’s annoying for vinyl DJs, to whom the RMX-1000 might also appeal.





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