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04 June 2011
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What’s new? The most obvious new feature is the Tru Wave Colour waveforms which display the track’s audio frequencies in different colours to help you differentiate things like kick drums from hi hats. The Sample Decks have already debuted for S4 controller users and get rolled out across the full Traktor range. Each one allows four loops to be stored and triggered as one-shots or loops, so you can build new tracks on the fly out of the bones of others or even by sampling vocals through a mic. There are also four new effects: Tape Delay, Bouncer, Ramp Delay and Auto Bouncer.

Is it worth it? There are lots of other features that make Traktor that little bit easier to use. Traktor- affiliated controllers are all now plug and play. There is finally full iTunes integration plus two new audio interfaces with expanded connectivity, the Audio 6 (for DJs) and Audio 10 (for clubs). But the most obvious new features are the Sample Decks, so DJs who simply like to play one record into another won’t find much else new to tempt them to upgrade.
Any weaknesses? Upgrading from an older version of Traktor isn’t as easy as it should be, especially if you use a non Traktor-affiliated controller. And the new Sample Decks mean a lot more fiddling with cables if you also use control CDs/vinyl.

Traktor Pro 2 (software only), €199; Traktor Scratch Pro (with Audio 10) 2, €599,




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