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04 July 2012
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Who? Rejected label boss Joris Voorn and Panorama Bar resident Cassy

Why? Sven Vath's Cocoon empire has been kicking off the annual Ibiza season with a summer mix CD since 2007. This year, true to tradition, the 'Cocoon Heroes' series return with the theme 'Into The Magic', and is brought to you by residents Joris Voorn and Cassy on split mix duty – already tipped by some as one of the best yet to come out of the Cocoon camp.

You can check out the exclusive previews here:

Mixmag also managed to grab a quick chat with Cassy, where she talks about this year's Cocoon Heroes mix, the difference between playing at her two residencies Panorama Bar in Berlin and Cocoon Amnesia in Ibiza, and loosely reveals plans of a new musical project.

This is not your first time on mix duty for Cocoon. Your ‘Simply Devotion’ from 2009 received rave reviews for its house tinged sound, (and let’s not forget the Mixmag covermount CD last year). Did you put yourself in a certain mindset before stepping into the studio for CD2?
Cassy: I guess so, yes. I was thinking of what I would like to let people listen to this summer at Cocoon Amnesia. I am playing the main floor, so I was picturing the whole thing more techno and bigger. Steppy techno, though. I was listening to the mix with my friends in Ibiza, and with a bit of a distance I could realise how 'steppy' it actually comes across, if that makes sense.

You open your mix with Pearson Sound’s superbly dubbed out ‘Stifle’ from 2011. What can you tell us about your track choices?
Cassy:The tracks are all really unique, driving and moving to the core.

Did you hear Joris’ mix first, or are they two independent bodies of work that just happen to complement each other?
Cassy: No. I guess we were just in the same frame of mind – by accident.

On that note, the Cocoon Heroes series is meant as an introductory ‘warm up’ for the Ibiza season, and this year’s compilation is setting things off on a rather deep and dubby note. Do you think we are witnessing a change in the musical moods on the island?
Cassy: I hope so. I hope that we all keep evolving in our own musical ways.

How do you ‘warm up’ for yet another Ibiza season?
Cassy: Very good question. I try to sleep as much as possible, (which is very difficult with my schedule at the moment!) I also try to work on my physical strength, buy lots and lots of records or music, and spend as much time as possible with my friends.

What’s the biggest difference between playing to a rammed Cocoon Amnesia floor, compared to Panorama Bar?
Cassy: Completely different vibe. Both brilliant. Both strong gigs. People want to get down, so it's really an amazing opportunity for a DJ to go for it. Cocoon Amnesia is bigger and Ibiza, Panorama Bar floor is smaller and Berlin. Two completely different cups of tea.

What are your top three Ibiza survival tips?
Cassy: Napping, water, eating

Lastly, any releases in the pipeline to look forward to?
Cassy: No, but I am finally getting ready for my next big musical project. Let's just put it like that.

Read more about Cocoon Heroes 'Into The Magic' on the Cocoon website and get your hands on the 2 disc CD on Amazon or Beatport.
Catch Cassy at Cocoon Amnesia Monday July 9 along with Sven Vath, Dubfire, Christian Burkhardt and Seth Troxler.




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