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FREE MP3: PAN-POT By Katarina Stankovic

24 April 2012
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Berlin based Techno DJ duo, Pan-Pot have given us a free download and answered our Big Questions.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Tassilo: Fireman or policeman. My parents always wanted to see me as a teacher.
Thomas: I think I wanted to become an astronaut, DJ was not on my list back then for sure.

What’s the worst club you’ve been to?
Thomas: We don't wanna drop names here. But in general clubs are bad when the soundsystem isn't good. This is very disappointing for the people, who pay for entrance and of course the worst thing that can happen to us as we need to have a good quality of sound when we play. All other things like interior are sometimes a question of taste but would never let us say that this was a bad club. We try to keep the good experiences in mind and only tell our friends about the 'bad' clubs.

What’s been your worst job?
Tassilo: When I moved to Berlin I started working for movie production company. I was the set assistant, but I had to do a shitload of work in 24 hours shifts for 60 euros a day. That kinda made me hate film business.
Thomas: I didn't like working for a courier service but it made me get to know Berlin very well.

What are you obsessed with right now?
Tassilo: I was always into sports, but I'm really getting into all these new workout varieties like crossfit. It's very good for balancing club life and travel stress. And of course I'm obsessed with music. Lately I'm only listening to Chopin, especially on planes.
Thomas: Sounds a bit boring but music is on top of course, not to forget the X-Box under the desk, which just works amazingly with the big screen and speakers.

And what do you hate right now?
Tassilo: Taxes
Thomas: All the strikes at the airports

When and where were you your happiest?
Tassilo: At the club with all of our friends, not only when we are playing but when we have time to hang out and have fun. And then, when we have few days off and spend it with our families at home.
Thomas: 100% true!

How do you describe what you do to someone who doesn’t know you?
Tassilo: We show them this video.
Thomas: Yes you should see our DVD, that totally shows it. But when I am at a bar and somebody asks and there is no internet around I just say I am a DJ and produce techno. That's actually what everybody in Berlin does so they instantly understand!

Have you ever been arrested? And if so what for?
Thomas: If yes, I couldn't remember.
Tassilo: And I wouldn't tell if Thomas ever got arrested!

What’s the coolest thing in your house?
Thomas: I just moved to a new appartment, which is still absolutely empty right now, but the minimal purity is pretty cool!
Tassilo: The coolest thing in my place is my couch because gives me the most comfort.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever had?
Tassilo: Be persistent
Thomas: Always carry enough chocolate with you.

Who's your all-time hero and why?
Thomas: Spiderman
Tassilo: Superman

What do you collect – apart form records?
Tassilo: Now I collect bicycles, empty bottles, photos, magazines. Before I collected art, Porsches, penthouses and wives.
Thomas: I don't collect anything. You feel freer with less!

What’s your vice?
Thomas:The same thing that makes us happy: hanging out with friends but it gets a vice when it gets too late.
Tassilo: Smoking.

Who was your first love and what happened?
Tassilo: Oh I was 17 and I was so in love with her...too much. So she dropped me and I was heart broken. She was actually also the one who cooked spaghetti with pesto for me the first time. I had one bite and two hours later I went to hospital with an allergic shock and I had to be reanimated. So somehow she almost killed me, but also helped me skip my army service.
Thomas: My first real love was with a girl I had a relationship with for 10 years. Not bad! One one of our dates I got an electric shock from a lamp. I passed out and had to go to hospital too. So I nearly killed myself for her too!

What were you doing at 2pm last Sunday afternoon?
Thomas: Haha, we had our own event and DVD release party at Watergate Berlin so better not ask. It was a long party, one of the best we ever had.
Tassilo: Yes but unlike Thomas I had a little after-hour with a few friends at my place rather then going to the next club.

Have you ever had a homosexual experience?
Tassilo: I just have to watch Thomas and that's the most homosexual experience you can get. He's a Ghetto-Gurl!
Thomas: I watched two girls once.

What was your last treat for yourself?
Tassilo: Around Christmas I went snowboarding down in the south of Germany where my family lives. We have a house in front of the mountains and I love free-riding, which I did with my best friend and my sister. That's total recharge time for me. In the snow, with friends and family and nothing else.
Thomas: The two girls at the club.

What's your drug of choice?
Tassilo: Sports and running. Best drug ever!
Thomas: ...and the two girls.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
Tassilo: I would have never started smoking.
Thomas: And I would love to get better at playing soccer.

Mobilee Back To Back Volume 6 presented by Pan-Pot is out now. Get it here.




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