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03 April 2012
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Daedelus has created a track exclusively for Mixmag, and answered our Big Questions. Download the lovely 'Curtains Don't Talk' below .

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was quite young I wanted to be an inventor, not that I had any aptitude for the maths involved. I was a terror to my parent's electronics - everything got taken apart, but very little put back together.

What’s the worst club you’ve been to?
The worst club isn't made of walls and disco balls, it's populated by douches and their bags, prick industry types, and the unenjoyable. I never play those places.

What are you obsessed with right now?
The sound of a crackling snare and down low bass always hold fascination, and the music of Beats, Trap, and Juke are doing it right. Beyond these fun modern genres I've gotten deeper into Doo-Wop as of late.

And what do you hate right now?
I'm living, the winter is receding, the 'now' is good, there is little time to hate except in those little moments of traffic (I am from Los Angeles after all).

When and where were you your happiest?
The day I got my first record pressed and my Wedding day; both are the culmination of long courting processes, years of practicing, and continuing adventures.

How do you describe what you do to someone who doesn’t know you?
Mostly it is a process of subtraction. Do you listen to music? Are those sounds electronic sometimes? Is it all thump thump thump or does some have melody? I'm somewhere in that range.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever had?
Never succumb to bitterness, never give in to apathy.

What do you collect – apart form records?
Records are the bulk of it, but I do have a soft spot for clothes. Principally tail coats, waist jackets, cravats, and ties. Just the necessities really.

What’s your vice?
If I may quote from the bible of Midnight Marauders, "It has to do with lots of loving and it ain't nothing nice."

Who was your first love and what happened?
It was long ago and perhaps in your readership so I'll spare her the outing, but it wasn't the right timing simple enough, young love rarely is.

What were you doing at 2pm last Sunday afternoon?
Recovery. The night before was a fantastic / bizarre show with Korn, Cyprus Hill, and Rusko, among many others. I am treating myself for second hand smoke inhalation.

What was your last treat for yourself?
A bespoke shirt from Taylor Stitch. Things that fit are worth a little spending.

What do you spend your money on?
Mostly in the getting to places, eating of things, imbibing, trying to live life like 2012 will actually be the end.

What's your drug of choice?
Caffeine in espresso form.

What's the worst item of clothing you've ever worn?
There has been many mistakes, probably many more to make, whatever fashion is now, it will be laughable in the future.

If you had a Tardis, what time would you go to?
To any time free from the oppression of Daleks. Those slow-moving awkward robots will be the end of us yet.

What’s your lamest claim to fame?
I was once John Lennon in an Eryka Badu video. Actually I find it pretty awesome to have been, but I'm sure I was a lame Lennon. ('Honey' was the song for those who are curious)

Soundcrash exclusively presents Daedelus in London with live Archimedes AV set with support from Taylor McFerrin (Live), Kutmah, Throwing Snow and Ambassadeurs (Live) April 13 at Village Underground in London.
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