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19 September 2012
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This weeks Mix Of The Week comes courtesy of Canadian electro noise-inks Zeds Dead. We caught up with them at the Red Bull Studios recently to chat new releases, the EDM explosion Stateside and European food. Listen to the mix and read the full interview below.

Marina and the Diamonds - Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)
Zeds Dead - Playa
Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Kito Remix)
Zeds Dead and Omar LinX - Take a Chance
Opiuo - Ripple
Megalodon, Badklaat - Twisted Metal
Widowmaker - Tunneling Worm
Dub Mechanics - Highest Strain
The Roots ft. Monsters of Folk - Dear God (Zeds Dead Remix)
Killer Mike ft. T.I. - Ready Set Go (Remix)
Potential Badboy ft. Yush - Surrender
Quentin Hiatus - Sonic Sight
Shimon and Andy C - Nightflight
Zeds Dead and Omar LinX - The One
Santigold - Disperate Youth
Wiz Khalifa - Cabin Fever
Birdy Nam Nam - Jaded Future
P Money - Boo You
Late - Losing You
Culprate - Hall Of Mirrors
Kill The Noise - Roots (Brillz Remix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Zeds Dead Remix)

What brings you to the Red Bull Studios in London today?
DC: We were here yesterday and we wrapped up this bootleg track we've been working on. It's a remix of a Bon Iver track and I think we are just going to give that one away for free. Today we've been finishing up some mixes. Me and Hooks usually tend to work on stuff separately for the most part and then we come together in the studio afterwards to do the mix downs and then we can critique stuff so its less of a creative process here today and more a technical thing but it's cool to be in this environment, it has a good sound.

Other than your Bon Iver bootleg what else have you got coming up?
Hooks: We got an EP that doesn't have a release date yet but it should be out before winter and we have a single called 'Cowboy' that has remixes as well that is out in a couple of weeks. We have a remix for Marina and the Diamonds that is going to be coming out early 2013.

DC: You often finish music and then have to wait a long time before it can come out but yeah its cool. We always try to put out little free things here and there.

Hooks: We are working on remixes a lot and obviously the upcoming EP, there are so many tracks we have that don't have a home yet but they will eventually. we have some collaborations on the horizon too so yeah its all happening.

So you've done a mix of the week for Mixmag. What can our fans and readers expect?
Hooks: There is a lot of variety, it's all over the place. It actually kind of more of a chill mix, there's definitely a lot of mellow stuff, there's some dubstep and d'n'b, reggae, hip hop.

How do European fans compare to US fans in terms of who goes more nuts?
Hooks: I mean it's all crazy.

What if you had to pick one?
DC: I mean on the record or off the record we wouldn't want to alienate any of our fans.

So do European fans hit is as hard as US fans? Obviously dubstep is taking off in the states at the moment so does that have an effect?
DC: Yeah its definitely newer over in the states for a lot of people but in Europe I'm not sure because it seems like the scene is in different places at different times. Obviously in the UK it's been around and it's already established, it's less of a new crazy thing compared to in America.

Hooks: One thing in Europe it seems like a lot more guys go out.

DC: It's a little bit more male-dominated at our shows here.

There seems to be a rift between DJs, producers and fans at the moment over the rise of EDM. Whether it's credible or taking something away from already established scenes, what are your opinions on the topic?
Hooks: The stuff that comes to the top of the mainstream is always going to be the watered down version and what it does is make people aware of the scene but also makes them aware of something that might not necessarily be the true underground scene. The same thing happened with hip hop. What it also does is, it exposes it to a lot of people who end up trying to make it or who are getting into it and then they listen to the good stuff inevitably. It's like a double edged sword

DC: You can see how it alienates some people. Like some people are always complaining because the people who were into the music from the start feel a strong attachment to it and they feel like its something that they either found or were a part of from the beginning and I guess in a way they feel like that's being taken away from them so I do get it but it's like Hooks said, with everything there's good and bad. I mean it's good for people like us because we get to make a career out of it and get to do what we love and play our music to our fans and travel around the world.

Hooks: Sometimes it's easy to get down in the dumps about it and you're like this is what people are listening to? but I found that much more with pop music and I don't even feel like it represents what we do. There's similarities all the time, like I noticed in pop how theres loads of dance style build ups in almost every song and although there are similarities I don't even look at that stuff. It is EDM but it's not really the same thing to me.

So now here less of a curveball of a question. What has been your favourite food on the European tour?
DC: We had some really good Greek food in Cyprus.

Hooks: Probably the curry we had last night, what was that place called?

DC: Tayyabs near Brick Lane. It was damn good.

Hooks: It was my first time in Italy and I really wanted to try some authentic Italian food but it didn't work out, we got there too late. We went to this Italian restaurant but the kitchen was closed so they said all they could give us was nachos.

When you're chilling out and listening to your own music, do you have any guilty pleasures, any madonna esque tunes you wouldn't usually admit to?
DC: There definitely are some of those.

Hooks: It's the really sappy 80's songs, I don't know why I can't stop listening to this every now and then but it's called True? (Sings the melody of the song)

Spandau Ballet?

Hooks: Yeah that's the one.

DC: I love a bit of that George Michael tune. (sings) I don't ever wanna live again.

Hooks: 'Careless Whisper'?

DC: Yeah, 'Careless Whisper' (laughs)

Hooks: Not to mention 'Rocketman' that occasionally comes on my playlist for sure.

Zeds Dead play I Love Techno festival in at the Flanders Expo in Ghent on December 10.




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