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18 February 2014
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When KiNK's 'Follow The Step' remixes emerged last year, people went suitably nuts. The edits soundtracked a summer of partying and excess and now the winning combination of Rachel Row and Strahil Velchev is back, but this time with more bite.

'L Square' is the new one on Pets Recordings and the highly danceable formula that was used for Row's previous release has been called upon once again. We have KiNK's blistering remix of the track as a premiere but before that we caught up with the men behind the imprint, Catz N Dogz.

The high-flying house duo spoke to us about the release, their upcoming tour dates with Eats Everything and KiNK and what to expect from four of the hottest DJs in the world while they're on the road.

You kick off the Catz Eatz Kink tour on Wednesday, what things are you most excited about for the tour and what can we expect?
Well its always exciting for us to play with Dan (Eats) and Strahil (KiNK) and we can't wait to get started. We've been preparing music for days now and we're looking to make these parties something really special. Of course we are also traveling together between the parties on the trains, so we'll be able to learn some more crazy English swear words from Dan. (although maybe we know them all already?)

Will we see some 4-way deck action from you all?
Yeah we think so. We'll be playing back to back with Dan at all of the parties. Its always fun for us to do this and we are able to create a strong vibe throughout the night. We also get to play a lot of tracks that maybe we never get to in a normal set. Thats exciting for us. We also love the energy when we all play together. We will open each night, then KiNK will play his amazing live set and then we will all play again.

Tell us a little bit about the new Rachel Row release on Pets. Was KiNK the logical choice for the remix after his Follow The Step edits?
Ok, so this is the follow up single to Follow The Step which was a massive hit last year. KiNK is actually the producer behind the original records too. He is so talented and can produce any style. Together with Rachel they have written and produced 'L Square', which we think is another hit. The original is a cool pop record and this time we got KiNK and our good friend from Keinemusik Adam Port to do the remixes.

What do you two have planned for 2014 that we need to know about?
Phew. We have a really busy schedule. Of course we are traveling a lot and playing some amazing parties and festivals. We have the third
instalment of our label compilation 'Friends Will Carry You Home' coming on Pets Recordings in a couple of months. We are working on a festival project in Poland, more Pets parties and somehow we're going to complete a new artist album. So busy times :)

The 'L Square' EP by Rachel Row is released via Pets Recordings on March 17 and the Catz Eats Kink tour hits London on Friday, tickets here




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