YOUNG MAGIC By Stephen Worthy

16 March 2012
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It was Mixmag’s own Andy Pemberton who coined the term ‘trip hop’ back in the early 90s. Soon after, the phrase exploded around the musical world. We can’t expect the same reaction here, but Young Magic may just be the spearhead of a couple of new genres – get ready for ‘melanchodelia’ or perhaps even ‘shoe hop’? Two Aussies and an Indonesian, based in New York, Young Magic make a woozy, trippy, smacked-out sound that mixes elements of shoegaze faves Slowdive, African rhythms, psych rock and left-field hip hop. In the shimmering celestial beats of Jam Karet and the clanking, Far Eastern polyrhythmic dreamscape of Sparkly, they forge a magicalworld of trippy vocal electronica.
File under Fluffy, heavy beat treat
Download ‘Sparkly’, ‘You With Air’, ‘Jam Karet’
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