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15 November 2010
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For a special winter themed installment of Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, we test the products you need this season.

Men, see how to keep your skin looking fresh all winter long. Ladies, work this season's make up colours for day and night looks, with the help of our very own Mixmag make up artist.

To keep your skin looking fresh all winter, get into the habit of doing a bit of skin care when you shave. Just follow these four steps.

1. Cleanse:
Nivea, Revitalising Face Wash Q10   
Removes dirt and excess oil without drying out the skin, and softens the beard hair to optimise the shaving result. Splash on to cleanse and wake up.

2. Exfoliate:
Clinique, Face Scrub Exfoliant Visage

As the last step before shaving, get rid of flakey bits by scrubbing all over face.

3. Tone:
Perricone MD, Firming Facial Toner

After shaving, apply to restore PH balance and firm skin.

4. Moisturise:
Lush, Cosmetic Lad

Finally, apply a light layer of moisturiser to keep skin soft, hydrated and firm.

Day: The English Rose
It's important to keep your look light for your day wear. Work pretty pinks and natural colours to perfect that English Rose glow.

1. Bobbi Brown, Tinted Moisturiser
Dot with fingertips on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, then blend outwards concentrating on any areas of redness. Best used fresh after you have applied your moisturizer. It will stay dewy and fresh, and blend more easily.

2. Benefit, Benetint
Dab a couple of dots on the apples of the cheeks and blend immediately with fingertips in an outward motion. Build it up as needed. If desired, dab a bit onto the lips to give a berry stain.

3. Benefit, High Beam
Apply on the cheekbones, brow bones and temple to give an instant radiance and dewiness to your skin. (Tip: can also mix in with the tinted moisturiser for an all-over sheer glow.)

4. Max Factor, Masterpiece Mascara
Apply from the base of clean lashes and wiggle the brush as you move to the ends of the lashes. This will separate the lashes and prevent any clumps. Apply another layer immediately before the mascara has dried to build thickness as desired. This Max Factor wand allows great precision and control.

5. Nivea, Peal & Shine lip balm
This will give a hint of shine, whilst protecting and plumping the lips. (Tip: if lips are dry or flaky, gently rub with a toothbrush before applying lip balm.)

Night: The Glam Girl
For the evening, glam it up with deep reds, thick eye lashes and a bronzed shine.

1. No. 7, Instant Radiance Brush Foundation
Apply foundation sparingly, and build in the areas that you require more coverage, usually the nose, cheeks and chin. This foundation has a brush included so it makes blending easy and leaves a smooth finish. (Tip: apply over a primer to get a longer wear, especially good for long nights!)

2. Clinique, All About Eyes Concealer
Use this under the eye area to cover the dark circles and brighten. You should look to use something creamy, lightweight and light reflecting. Apply in the corner of the eyes and blend/dab underneath with your fingertip. (Tip: Don’t go for too pale of a colour as it will turn grey when applied, especially if you have dark circles. Go for a slightly warmer shade.)

3. Estee Lauder, Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Bronzer
Apply with a large brush, starting on the cheeks and sweep outwards. Dust lightly on the forehead, nose and chin for an all-over natural glow.

4. Mac, Mineralize Skinfinish
Use this to set your foundation. Apply with a large brush all over the face. Leaves the skin radiant, rather than powdery. It’s great for for oilier skins and long nights.

5. Rimmel, Flash eyeliner
Apply above the upper lashes almost pressing the pen into the lashes as you go. Sweep the line outwards and upwards to give the ‘feline eye’ look. Never draw the line following your top lashes down, it will give you droopy eyes. It should head towards where your brow finishes.

6. Clinique High Definition Mascara
Apply this onto clean lashes, starting at the roots to tips. Glam eyes need thick lashes so layer it up 2-3 times.

7. Revlon, False Lashes
These are the things to go on and and first to come off! Always apply after your mascara and eye makeup. Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the edge and wait 15-20 seconds so the glue is tacky and then fit onto the eye. Do not place all the way to the inner corner, they should start about a quarter of the way out so will sit comfortably and last all night. (Tip: take your lash glue out with you, just in case). Once they are on, you can then go over your eyeliner again to conceal any part of the false lashes you can see.

Contributor: Laura Forrest, Mixmag make-up artist
Laura has worked on a variety of shoots for Mixmag, touching up and beautifying a range of artists, DJs and models.

"I'm from Jersey and moved to London nearly four years ago to pursue my career in freelance makeup. I have worked on cover shoots for Mixmag including The Prodigy, The Crookers and Justice. A good tip to look instantly glam is to put on some false lashes. Learn to put them on though, I've come home from a night out with just one lash. Not the best look."



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