ACID PAULI By Stephen Worthy

27 July 2012
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Despite a career that has included being a member of art rockers The Notwist, you get the feeling that German producer Acid Pauli – aka Martin Gretschmann –has been given his wings by Chile/US wunderkind Nicolas Jaar. On ‘MST’, Gretschmann eschews the club-friendly focus of previous work in favour of slo-mo house, mournful electronica and haunting quasi-classical experimentation. The jauntiest it gets is the Scruff-like trippy ragtime jazz of ‘Requiem For A Loop’, though the highlight, ‘Eulogy For Eunice’, is a nine-minute metronomic piano étude that morphs into a rolling, cowbell-pitted, tribal house whirl. Atmospheric, intriguing and emotional.

File under Tripped-out, emotional, downtempo/house hybrid

Download ‘For A Loop’, ‘(La Voz) Tan Tierna’, ‘Eulogy For Eunice’

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